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CBSE Class 8 Chemistry includes the study of synthetic materials, metals, and non-metals. You will also be learning about fuels like coal petroleum and combustion. As a subject, chemistry tells us how different substances react with each other and how they are structured. For instance, how atoms combine to form elements and how elements combine to form molecules and how compounds are formed. It also highlights are natural resources of nature, how are they depleting and how artificial resources can be created. Therefore, we can say that chemistry and nature are two interconnected concepts. 


CBSE Class 8 Chemistry study materials by AskIITians will help you understand all the typical chemistry concepts easily. We provide study notes, NCERT solutions, practice tests and previous year papers for Class 8 chemistry. Our teachers are available 24/7 to listen to your queries and provide you with instant doubt solving. You can also download our Class 8 Chemistry CBSE notes for free from our website and read them whenever and wherever you want. 


We also provide Class 8 CBSE solutions for every NCERT chapter and reference books here. These solutions are prepared by our expert faculty members who have been teaching Class 8 students for more than a decade. We thoroughly understand the CBSE curriculum and the latest exam pattern. This is why our solutions can help you achieve the best results in your CBSE exams. 


In this article, we are discussing the CBSE Chemistry Class 8 curriculum, the important books for Class 8 Chemistry and how you can download Class 8 CBSE solutions from AskIITians. 


Class 8 CBSE Chemistry Curriculum

As per the Central Board of Secondary Education curriculum for Class 8 Science, NCERT Science textbook and NCERT Exemplar for Class 8 are highly recommended. Therefore, before you refer to any additional book for your practice, you must understand all the concepts given in the NCERT textbook. This is mainly because: 


  • The NCERT book for Class 8 Science includes conversational language which makes it easy to understand a particular topic. 
  • There are illustrations, diagrams and activities included in this book that strengthen your understanding. 
  • NCERT book also includes short and long answer questions that are perfect to brush up all the concepts of the chapter. 


The NCERT Exemplar book for Class 8 Science includes ample amounts of practice questions for every NCERT textbook chapter. Once you have read the NCERT chapter and solved its exercises, you must solve NCERT Exemplar exercises as they will help you understand whether you know all the concepts. 


Class 8 CBSE Chemistry Syllabus 

The CBSE Class 8 Science NCERT book contains 18 Chapters in total. They include topics like production of crops, microorganisms, metals and non-metals, force, friction, and the solar system. Out of these 18 chapters, 4 Chapters are a part of Chemistry, namely: 


  1. Synthetic Fibres and Plastics 
  2. Materials: Metals and Non-Metals 
  3. Coal and Petroleum
  4. Combustion and Flame 


Chapter 3, Synthetic Fibres and Plastics includes topics like characteristics and types of plastics and synthetic materials and what are the disadvantages of them. Chapter 4, Materials: Metals and Non-Metals includes topics like physical properties, chemical properties, and uses of metals and non-metals. 


Chapter 5, Coal and Petroleum includes topics like how fossil fuels are formed, natural gas, and alternative energy sources. Lastly, Chapter 6, Combustion and Flame includes topics like types of combustion, the structure of a flame, and the greenhouse effect. 


The faculty at AskIITians has prepared Class 8 Chemistry CBSE notes on each of these topics. The notes will help you understand the concept easily and will make it easier for you to write the answers in the exams. You can also download the complete syllabus for CBSE Class 8 from AskIITians and make sure that you study the correct topics for your exams:


  • CBSE Class 8 Chemistry Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Physics Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Biology Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Science Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 8 Maths Syllabus 


CBSE Class 8 Chemistry Study Materials

Organise your study plans with chapter-wise CBSE Class 8 Chemistry study materials by AskIITians. These study materials include CBSE Class 8 Chemistry notes, sample papers, past year question papers, revision notes, mindmaps and much more! This complete package is designed based on the latest NCERT textbook for Class 8 Science, exam pattern and making scheme. You will also get a separate list of important chemistry questions for CBSE class 8 which will benefit you during exams. 


Which Chemistry book is best for Class 8?

NCERT textbook for Class 8 Science and NCERT Exemplar for Class 8 Science are the best books for Class 8. These books contain a variety of questions (long and short answers). The language used in NCERT books is simple yet convincing. Every topic whether it be about natural resources or the greenhouse effect, you will find effective explanations in minimal words. 


Is NCERT book enough for Class 8 Chemistry?

NCERT books are the best to start with because they are not at all text-heavy. Moreover, they include easy and advanced level questions that test your knowledge in a stepwise manner. As per the Central Board of Secondary Education, NCERT books are enough to gain knowledge for Class 8 chemistry. However, students sometimes refer to Lakhmir Singh’s Science book and All in One by Arihant publications to practice for olympiads like NTSE. 


Chemistry NCERT Solutions - Class 8 CBSE Solutions

Do you often wonder whether your NCERT textbook answer is right or not? Do you get confused about whether you will be given full marks for the answer that you have written? If yes, then our NCERT textbook solutions for Class 8 chemistry will definitely help you out. These solutions are prepared by our team after a complete research on the CBSE curriculum for Class 8 Science. They contain adequate explanations, stepwise solutions and easy to understand answers. Referring to our Class 8 CBSE solutions will help you in many ways: 


  • NCERT textbook solutions will help you understand how to write correct answers in your exams that will get you full marks. 
  • You can attempt to write the answers yourself and then match them with our NCERT Class 8 chemistry solutions and see what all points you have missed. 
  • Our solutions will act as a guide to you and will help you understand the chapters even better. 


Which chapters in NCERT Chemistry Solutions for Class 8 are important for CBSE exams?

All chemistry chapters in the Class 8 NCERT book are important. Therefore, students must prepare Class 8 CBSE Chemistry notes for all of them. Each chapter contains important topics that could be asked in the CBSE exams. These chapters also form the basis of many science topics that are introduced to the students in Classes 9 and 10. 


CBSE Class 8 Chemistry Notes for Revision

You might not have the habit of creating notes until Class 7, but the syllabus of Class 8 includes many important topics, definitions and concepts that might not be easy to remember. So, start preparing for your Chemistry test by downloading our CBSE Class 8 Chemistry notes for revision! Your notes will help you revise all chemistry concepts anytime and anywhere. Here’s how you can keep track of your learning with our chemistry notes for CBSE Class 8: 


  • The Class 8 Chemistry CBSE notes prepared by our team are as per the latest CBSE syllabus and marking scheme. 
  • We have included all important definitions, topics, and past questions in the notes so that you’ll never forget them. 
  • We have also included flowcharts and diagrams in the CBSE notes to make your learning easier. 
  • Our notes are not at all text-heavy so revising the chapter with them would be much easier. 


CBSE Class 8 Chemistry Previous Year Question Papers

Here are three things that you must know about solving CBSE Class 8 Chemistry previous year question papers: 


  1. Solving previous year question papers will make you confident to face the examination. 
  2. You will be able to handle any new question easily as your problem-solving abilities will improve on practicing past papers. 
  3. Solving a paper in a timed environment will enhance your writing speed and you will definitely be able to complete your exam paper on time. 


But where can you find previous year chemistry papers for Class 8? Well, it is only AskIITians that has the complete question bank prepared for you. Our faculty has compiled CBSE chemistry questions for the past 10 years. You can access these questions anytime and start practicing them. You can also download complete sample papers for CBSE Class 8 along with CBSE Class 8 solutions from AskIITians: 


  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 Science
  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 Maths 
  • CBSE Previous Year Papers for Class 8 English


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