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Science is one of the subjects in the entire curriculum that paves the way for every student to get ready for any exam related to engineering as well as the medical field. At a younger age, there’s a possibility that one doesn’t know what he or she is going to opt for after passing 10th. While some students prefer to study Science and Mathematics to become engineers in the future, many prefer to opt for Biology to make their career in the medical field. Not only this, some students neither want to become engineers nor wish to pursue medical, such students either opt Commerce to become Chartered Accountant or pick Arts stream. But those who have a dream of becoming an engineer, understand how important it is to study science, especially subjects like Physics and Chemistry. Particularly, Science being one of the important subjects of the entire curriculum, it can be useful in day to day life as well. When we talk about Physics, it’s there in our everyday lives. 


Class 6 Physics for CBSE Curriculum


The syllabus for CBSE Class 6 Physics subject is set keeping in mind that children should learn this subject not only from the recommended textbooks but also from the activities happening in their surroundings. When we talk about subjects like Physics, it’s believed that the local knowledge should be added to the curriculum and must be taught to children in the classroom. The CBSE Class 6 Physics follows the academic standards set by the CBSE board. If you’re studying in Class 6 from the CBSE board, then you’ve arrived at the right page. This is because, on this page, we’ve given detailed information regarding the curriculum, syllabus, study material, etc related to the Physics part of the Class 6 Science subject. 


Topics Covered in CBSE Class 6 Physics

In the Class 6 Physics subject, students usually learn various topics. Some of these topics include:

  • Light
  • Shadow
  • Reflection
  • Electricity
  • Circuits
  • Motion
  • Measurement of Distances
  • Magnets, and many others. 

If you’re studying in CBSE Class 6. The curriculum for CBSE Class 6 Physics subject is designed in such a way that it includes not just theoretical but practical knowledge as well. The topics of NCERT Class 6 Physics are based on experimentation, field investigation, projects, information, communication, and model making skills. In addition to this, the curriculum is set keeping in mind to enable students to develop conceptual understanding so that they can think out of the box, ask questions, and make hypotheses. 


CBSE Class 6 Physics Subjects 


If you’re a student who is studying in Class 6 in a school that’s affiliated with the CBSE board, Science is one of the main subjects which is necessary to be studied properly. For this, you must have clarity on CBSE Class 6 Physics Study Material, CBSE Class 6 Physics Notes, Class 6 NCERT Solutions. Being one of the complex subjects, it’s not easy for every student to understand every topic with ease. But if one’s basic knowledge is strong, there’s nothing that acts as an obstacle. Hence, if you really want to score a higher percentage in your examination and stay ahead of the class, make sure that you’re clear with all the basic concepts before you move to the next level. Doing this, it’ll become much easier and convenient for you to plan your studies effectively and complete your syllabus on time. 


CBSE Class 6 Physics Study Materials 


For each chapter given in the curriculum of CBSE Physics for Class 6, CBSE recommends NCERT books to be studied. Besides, teachers also teach the same book to the students in schools. The entire Science question paper including all the three subjects i.e Physics, Chemistry, and Biology is based on the topics and the questions given in the NCERT book. This book is written in an easy and simple language that can be understood by anyone. In addition to this, it includes all the concepts which are explained so that the students can understand everything about the topic that’s required. In Class 6 Physics NCERT textbooks, authors have explained most of the topics not only theoretically but with the help of diagrams and suitable examples so that students can understand the topics in a better way. The science subject of Class 6 includes 3 parts and these parts include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. You can also check the syllabus, NCERT solutions, recommended textbooks, and other such information related to the Chemistry and Biology part of Class 6 Science


NCERT Solutions - Class 6 CBSE Solutions

After studying all the chapters of Science given in the NCERT book, it’s best to learn some additional questions from the other reference books. This way, you’ll be able to clear your basics as well as learn advanced concepts related to a particular topic. Sometimes, you might come across some questions in the NCERT books for which you’re not sure about the answers. Well, in this case, you can refer to our Class 6 Physics NCERT Solutions given by our expert faculty. All the questions are solved in such a way that students can learn and understand each topic in an easy and better way. 


CBSE Class 6 Physics CBSE Notes for Revision 

When it arrives at complex subjects of Grade 7 such as science, students need to have best-in-class study material to learn things in such a way that their basics are clear. However, the chapters included in the curriculum of CBSE Class 6 Physics are complex and lengthy, keeping revision notes handy especially during the examination days can be of great help. Thus, while learning any particular chapter, make sure that you prepare notes on your own which you can refer to a few days before the exam to revise the topics without requiring to read the entire chapter. Make sure that you jot down all the important points, definitions, terminologies, concepts, and formulas while studying a chapter. Doing this, you’ll be able to utilize and invest your time in learning and revising the lengthy topics. You can also refer to the revision notes prepared by the subject matter experts at AskIITians that would help you revise the entire syllabus a few days before the exam. 


CBSE Class 6 Physics Previous Year Question Paper 

Solving previous year question papers help students prepare well for the examinations. It’s good to practice as many question papers as possible to get familiar with the type of questions that might appear in the exams. Besides, it helps students to identify the areas that need improvement and understand their overall performance. Students can also download the CBSE Class 6 Physics Previous Year Papers. When it comes to any examination, it’s best if one plans his or her studies in such a way that they are left with at least 15 days which they can dedicate to the revision. You all learn that practice makes a man perfect, thus it’s best to solve questions from sample papers or previous year question papers to become well versed not only with the difficulty level but also with the Class 6 Physics Exam Pattern and marking scheme. 


If you’re studying in Class 6, you understand that for many, it’s not feasible to study on their own as the CBSE Class 6 Syllabus includes complex topics. Therefore, if you feel like attending coaching classes and finding it difficult because of your hectic schedule, you can join online coaching classes at AskIITians. It’s one of the best online learning platforms that allow students of all grades to study in the comfort of their home. This not only allows students in India to study online, but the international students as well who are settled in countries like Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Singapore, and others. On this eLearning platform, the tutoring classes are held live, one-on-one to make students interact with their tutors in real-time. In addition to this, one-on-one, interactive sessions make it easier for the online tutor to enable their students to get engaged with the session. With online coaching classes on AskIITians, you no longer need to travel to specific geographical locations to attend coaching. Also, we’ve got a team of highly-qualified and experienced online tutors that’s available 24*7 to instantly resolve the doubts of their students. We also provide best-in-class, CBSE Class 6 Physics Study Materials that are available online, for free. All our online courses are personalized and designed by the experts keeping in mind the educational needs of an individual student. 


Now that you’re provided with all the important information about Class 6 Physics of the CBSE Board, we hope that this will surely help you. Students of Class 6 must have enough knowledge about light, reflections, transparent objects, opaque objects, to secure good marks not only in the classroom tests but also in the terminal examinations. Therefore, make the best use of all the information given above and master the subject.


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