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CBSE Class 9 Science subject forms the base for CBSE Class 10 Science as both these classes are interrelated. Therefore, students must understand all the basic concepts of Class 9 Science thoroughly if they want to score higher marks in Class 10 board exams. Class 9 Science subject begins with teaching the basic knowledge of the world to students through concepts like matter, atoms, molecules, human cells, gravitation and other forces. Every chapter encourages students to think in a creative yet logical manner. They are encouraged to observe, experiment, and record their observations. 


Many students in Class 9 face a common problem in Science subject and that is how they must study and prepare for the exams so that they are able to score maximum marks. This is why AskIITians has prepared complete CBSE Class 9 study materials for students. We are a team of ex-IITians who are now on a mission to make learning easier for students at all levels. Our team has prepared easy to understand, comprehensive and detailed study materials for Class 9 Science that will help students like you to prepare well for the exams and memorise all the concepts thoroughly. 


In this article, we are discussing the Class 9 CBSE Science curriculum, syllabus, study materials, notes and some important tips on how you can prepare the best for your Class 9 CBSE Science exam. 


Class 9 CBSE Science Curriculum

The CBSE Class 9 Science curriculum includes five units. The assessment is conducted in two parts. The first part is a theoretical examination that comprises 90 marks in total. The second part included an internal assessment of 20 marks. These 20 marks are based on the internal examinations conducted by the school, oral tests, quizzes, practical work, and portfolio. The NCERT textbook for Class 9 Science includes five units where each unit is assigned certain marks weightage that decides how many questions will be asked from that unit in the exam. Our faculty at AskIITians has created Class 9 Science CBSE notes for all these five units including chapter-wise solutions and concept discussion. These notes will not only help you understand the curriculum but will make it easier for you to prepare yourself for the exams. 


CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus

CBSE Class 9 Science syllabus includes 15 Chapters, namely: 


Chapter 1- Matter in Our Surroundings

Chapter 2- Is Matter Around Us Pure?

Chapter 3- Atoms and Molecules

Chapter 4- Structure of the Atom

Chapter 5- The Fundamental Unit of Life

Chapter 6- Tissues

Chapter 7- Diversity in Living Organisms

Chapter 9- Motion

Chapter 9-Force and Laws of Motion

Chapter 10- Gravitation

Chapter 11- Work and Energy

Chapter 12- Sound Solutions

Chapter 13- Why Do We Fall Ill?

Chapter 14- Natural Resources

Chapter 15- Improvement in Food Resources


Along with these, students have to perform practical experiments like preparation of the true solution, distinguishing between colloidal and suspension, separation of substances in a mixture, identification of tissues in plants, verification of law of conservation of mass etc. 


You must understand the Class 9 Science CBSE syllabus in detail. It contains the list of topics that need to be studied along with the marks allocated that will help you in exam preparations. At AskIITians, you will find a complete CBSE Class 9 Science syllabus along with CBSE Class 9 Science study materials and class notes. This includes important questions related to every chapter along with NCERT textbook solutions and NCERT exemplar solutions for Class 9 Science. Download the syllabus now and begin your preparations the right way:


  • CBSE Class 9 Science Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 9 Physics Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 9 Chemistry Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 9 Biology Syllabus 
  • CBSE Class 9 Maths Syllabus 


CBSE Class 9 Science Study Materials

The Central Board of Secondary Education recommends Class 9 NCERT Science textbook as the best study materials for CBSE Class 9. It is not easy to grasp all the Science concepts of Class 9 in one go. Therefore, students must ensure that they have the best CBSE Class 9 study materials in hand. NCERT books are not only easy to understand but they contain a variety of questions and examples. The activities included in each chapter are not only interesting but make it easier for the students to understand the concept. Along with this, CBSE has also recommended NCERT Exemplar book for Class 9 Science. NCERT Exemplar contains a variety of questions of every category for each NCERT chapter. This includes short answer questions, long answer questions and very long answer questions. 


Is NCERT book enough for CBSE Class 9 Science? 


Yes, NCERT books are the best study materials for CBSE Class 9 Science exams. Many students develop a habit from Class 9 to consult various books while studying. But this could be confusing at times because every book has a different explanation for the same concept. 


NCERT books are straightforward and have clear, understandable language. NCERT books are based on the CBSE curriculum therefore they include only those topics that are important from the CBSE exam point of view. 


Which book is best for Class 9 Science? 

Once you have read and solved the NCERT textbook and NCERT Exemplar for Class 9 Science, you can refer to some additional books that are recommended for additional practice. These include Science Textbook for Class 9 by Lakhmir Singh and Manjit Kaur and Science Question Bank by Oswaal Publications. These reference books are useful for olympiads like NTSE and NSO. 


Science NCERT Solutions - Class 9 CBSE Solutions

Do you often face trouble in solving the NCERT textbook exercises? Solving class 9 Science NCERT exercises might require some additional help. This is why AskIITians has created Class 9 CBSE solutions for every NCERT textbook chapter. These solutions include step-by-step answers, easy to understand explanations, diagrams, and flowcharts. All the answers are prepared to keep in mind the CBSE Class 9 Science paper pattern and marks distribution. 


Here are a few reasons why you must refer to our Class 9 CBSE Solutions for NCERT textbook:


  • All our NCERT Class 9 Science solutions are prepared by expert teachers with years of teaching experience
  • Our faculty is well-aware of the latest CBSE curriculum and the topics that have been removed from the syllabus this year
  • We have used simple language so that you can easily use our solutions to write your answers in the exam
  • Our NCERT solutions will also help you complete your assignments and homework


Class 9 Science CBSE Notes for Revision 

AskIITians offers chapter-wise Class 9 Science CBSE notes. These notes include all the important definitions and topics that will help you understand the chapter. You can use these notes anytime you want and complete your chapter easily. We have also included diagrams, tables and flowcharts to help you memorize the concepts in a better way. Once you are done studying from the NCERT textbook, you must refer to our chapter notes and make sure that you have understood all the concepts of the chapter clearly. 

How to access our Class 9 Science CBSE notes? You can easily download the notes from our website. These notes are a part of our complete study material for Class 9 CBSE Science. We have organized the notes based on the NCERT Class 9 Science textbook only so that you do not get confused with the topic names at all. Some of the important topics included in our CBSE Class 9 Science study materials and revision notes are:


  • Change of state of matter
  • Difference between mixture and compound 
  • Mole concept 
  • Molecular Mass
  • Thomson and Rutherford’s Atomic Models 
  • Hypotonic, Hypertonic and Isotonic Solutions 
  • Types of motion 
  • Archimedes principle 
  • Law of conservation of Energy 
  • Diseases caused by microorganisms
  • Manures and fertilizers 


CBSE Class 9 Science Previous Year Question Papers

CBSE Class 9 Science exam preparation is incomplete without solving previous year question papers. No matter how well you have created Class 9 CBSE solutions, or have studied the revision notes thoroughly, you will get confused in the exam if you haven’t solved previous year question papers. This is because:


  • Previous year question papers give you a clear idea of how the exam will look like
  • You will have a complete idea of what kind of questions could be asked in the exam and how you have to answer them
  • You will also understand the marking scheme of the exam and hence can prepare the topics accordingly
  • You can understand how to manage your time in the exam so that you are able to attempt the whole paper 


Previous year question papers are an important part of the CBSE Class 9 Science study materials. You can download past 10 years question papers for CBSE Class 9 Science from our website along with the solutions. Solving these papers will definitely boost your confidence and prepare you for the exam in the right way. 


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We will keep updating you with all the latest Class 9 Science CBSE notes and study materials that we will prepare for you. Until then, make use of all these study materials and keep your preparations going on. You can also opt for CBSE Class 9 online coaching sessions with AskIITians and get regular classes from our faculty. Study from the comfort of your home and make learning fun with AskIITians! 


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