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Chemistry is basically a scientific discipline that deals with various things such as the study of matter, properties of metal, reactivity, compositions, and many other things. Well, the matter is something that acquires space and has mass. Everything present around us in the physical form is made up of matter. The books that we study, the furniture in our homes, and even our bodies are made of nothing but matter. Thus, it can be said that the basic concepts are given in subjects like Chemistry generally work as the foundation of matter ranging from measuring units of matter, compounds, molecules, atoms, etc. When we talk about the scope of this subject, Chemistry lies somewhere between different branches of Science. Chemistry is the subject or that section of Science subject that provides a foundation for everyone to understand both basic as well as applied science disciplines at a fundamental level. This subject is added in the curriculum from Class 5 onwards by the CBSE Board, thus if you’re a student studying in Class 6, make sure that you’ve clarity on each topic that you’ve studied in your previous class. This is because, if you don’t have an understanding of the basic concepts, it won’t be easy for you to learn and understand the topics given in CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Subject. 


Class 6 Chemistry for CBSE Curriculum


The CBSE Class 6 Chemistry syllabus is set by the board keeping in mind that the basics related to this subject are covered in the book. As per the CBSE board, NCERT is the recommended book which students studying in the schools affiliated to CBSE have to study. The entire Class 6 Chemistry Curriculum is set in such a way that every basic aspect is cleared to the students.

CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Curriculum includes the topics that should be taught to children in the classroom. The CBSE Class 6 Chemistry follows the academic standards set by the CBSE board. If you’re studying in Class 6 from the CBSE board, then this page is for you. On this page, we’ve given everything that’s required for you to know before you start your preparations for the exam. This page contains the detailed information related to the curriculum, syllabus, Class 6 Chemistry CBSE Notes, CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Study Materials, etc related to the Chemistry part of the Class 6 Science subject. 


CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Syllabus

The CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Syllabus is based on the topics given in the NCERT books for Class 6. This is one of the reasons why NCERT is the most preferred book for the CBSE curriculum. Students of Class 6 have to study just one book for the entire Science syllabus and it includes all the 3 sections including Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. There’s no separate book for Chemistry or other sections of this subject. In the Class 6 Science NCERT book, there are a total of 16 chapters. Out of these 16 chapters, 5 chapters are related to Chemistry, 7 chapters are related to Biology, and the remaining 4 are related to Physics. Each chapter contains certain practice questions as well based on the trending examination pattern of the CBSE Syllabus for Class 6 Chemistry and other sections. The Chemistry Section will introduce students to various topics such as fiber, fabric, substances and their separation, Air, Gases, and many others. The topics covered in the CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Section of the NCERT Books are as follows: 



  • Chapter 3: Fibre to Fabric 
  • Chapter 4: Sorting Materials into Groups 
  • Chapter 5: Separation of Substances
  • Chapter 6: Changes Around Us
  • Chapter 15: Air Around Us



The curriculum for Class 6 Chemistry for the CBSE board is set keeping in mind how the conceptual understanding of Class 6 students can be developed and enhanced. 


CBSE Class 6 Science Subjects

In CBSE Class 6 Science, there are basically 3 sections and these sections include Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. Science being one of the main subjects which will be used in higher classes as well, students need to study this subject carefully. Doing this, they’ll be able to build a strong foundation of all the basic concepts because, in the higher classes, similar topics with more detailed information will be there in the CBSE Science Syllabus. But when it comes to having clarity on the basic concepts, it’s necessary to first go through the CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Study Material, CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Notes, Class 6 NCERT Solutions. If you’re a student studying in Class 6 from CBSE, make sure you study every topic in such a way that there’s no query and doubt left. Doing this, you’ll be able to score higher in the exam no matter how difficult a question is. Well, as you know that the CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Syllabus and the syllabus for Physics and Biology if considered together are lengthy and thus you need to invest a lot of time of yours to study the entire CBSE Science Syllabus. Thus, plan your studies in such a way that you’re able to dedicate sufficient time to each section of the Class 6 Science Subject. 


CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Study Materials 


Whenever it comes to the conceptual knowledge of all the topics, students must be referring to the right study material. This is because the right and appropriate study material enable students to move in the right direction of their career and excel in academics. Thus, NCERT books and their solutions have always been considered as the best book and resource to go deep into the essence of the entire curriculum. CBSE Class 6 Science NCERT Book provides study content that helps students to improve their skills and enhance their knowledge from lower classes itself. If you’re a student of Class 6, make sure that you only refer to the NCERT book which is recommended by the CBSE itself. NCERT is the textbook that will help you get acquainted with the basic as well as advanced concepts that you’ll be going to learn in your higher classes. All the Class 6 Chemistry chapters in the Class 6 NCERT Book for Science are designed in such a way that it’ll help you prepare for various career challenges you’ll be facing in the future. In addition to this, the book contains a chapter-wise brief at the end of each chapter that provides you with the overall insight of the NCERT Science Book for Class 6 Chemistry Section. 


Class 6 CBSE Solutions - NCERT Book for Chemistry 


Class 6 CBSE Solutions for Chemistry section are quite helpful to consolidate all your skills, knowledge, and gain a clear understanding of all the basic concepts. NCERT Chemistry Class 6 CBSE Solutions by the subject-matter experts at AskIITians will help you learn accurate and comprehensive solutions and answers to all the questions that are given in the latest Class 6 Science NCERT book. If you’re studying in Class 6 from the CBSE board, you should make it a habit that you follow only the syllabus given in the Class 6 Science NCERT Book right from the beginning of your academic year. Besides, after completing and studying a chapter in Chemistry, always give a final touch to your learning by solving the exercise given in the NCERT book. This will help you understand and know the areas that need improvement and work on those areas to perform better in the Chemistry section of the subject. To make your learning effective, quick, and efficient, read the exclusive CBSE Class 6 Chemistry NCERT solutions by AskIITians. 


CBSE Class 6 Chemistry CBSE Notes for Revision 


CBSE Class 6 Chemistry CBSE Notes for Revision includes the important concepts and questions that are given keeping in mind the exam point of view. The revision notes prepared by the esteemed faculty at AskIITans will help you prepare for your upcoming exams easily and effectively. The best-in-class study material is always the key to higher scores. Besides, to successfully complete the syllabus on time, you need to have a proper study plan. Thus, while learning any particular chapter, make sure that you prepare notes on your own which you can refer to a few days before the exam to revise the topics without requiring to read the entire chapter. You can also refer to the revision notes prepared by the subject matter experts at AskIITians that would help you revise the entire syllabus a few days before the exam. Our subject matter experts have prepared the revision notes in such a way the solutions for each question of the NCERT book are there. Besides, all the important formulas, definitions, terminologies, etc are also given in the CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Notes.  


CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Previous Year Question Paper 


 The CBSE Previous Year Papers or CBSE Sample Papers for Class 6 Science are known to be one of the best tools that help students prepare well for the exam. Solving chemistry problems from the CBSE Class 6 Science Previous Year Papers allow students to get a better understanding of where exactly they stand, analyze their performance, and identify the weaker areas that need to be improved. These papers are entirely based on the latest exam pattern and recent CBSE Class 6 Syllabus. Solving such question papers regularly enables students to do proper practice and boost their confidence. Besides, this helps students to revise their course material in less time. In addition to this, if you’re studying in Class 6, make sure that when you solve the previous year question papers, you put in a timer to have an edge in the examination. Practicing as many question papers as possible makes it easier for you to answer any kind of question in the final exam.


Undoubtedly, in these grade levels, you need to study 6 or 7 subjects because of which you get a very limited time that you can allocate to a particular subject. For this reason, you must formulate a proper study plan and follow it strictly so that you’re able to cover the syllabus for all the subjects a few days before the final exam. 


Hence, attending coaching classes can help you a lot. But if you’re finding it difficult to join coaching because of your hectic schedule, you can consider online coaching classes. There are numerous eLearning platforms listed over the internet such as AskIITians that enable students to study in a flexible and relaxed environment. However, it’s not easy to decide which eLearning platform you should pick but AskIITians is one of the best online learning platforms that allow students of all grades to study in the comfort of their home following a flexible learning schedule. This not only allows students in India to study online, but the international students as well who are settled in countries like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Singapore, Oman, and others. The online tutoring classes on AskIITians are conducted live, one-on-one to make students interact with their tutors in real-time. In addition to this, one-on-one, interactive sessions make it easier for the online tutor to enable their students to get engaged with the session. The platform provides students with a feature to change their tutor anytime if they think that the teaching method of a particular tutor isn’t working for them. With online coaching classes on AskIITians, you no longer need to travel to specific geographical locations to attend coaching. Also, we’ve got a team of highly-qualified and experienced online tutors that’s available 24*7 to instantly resolve the doubts of their students. We also provide best-in-class, CBSE Class 6 Chemistry Study Material, revision notes, that’s available online, for free. All our online courses are personalized and designed by the experts keeping in mind the educational needs of an individual student. 


Now that you’re provided with all the important information about Class 6 Chemistry of the CBSE Board, make the best use of all the information given above and master the subject. For more details related to any updates by CBSE, stay tuned with AskIITians. Register yourself on AskIITians and get access to interactive, convenient, and fun learning. 










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