Yamanlar College Students Won the Gold and Silver Medal in Olympiads

A student of Yamanlar College in Izmir has won the gold medal at the 55th International Mathematical Olympiads that was conducted in Cape Town. More than 106 countries from all across the world have participated in this Olympiad event, held from 3rd– 13th July. Akar was one of the participants from the Mathematics team and he was chosen by Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. He was the sole candidate from Turkey to win this gold medal in this competition.

On the other hand, Emre Girgin who is a candidate of the Yamanlar College won the silver medal in the Olympiads event. While talking with the reporters regarding the success in the popular and prestigious math competition, Akar said that he is very proud to see the flag of his country flying high as one of the winning countries in this Olympiads event. He also stated that he dreams of enrolling in a reputed university that excels in mathematics field and hope to become a scientist one day.

The general director of the private Yamanlar education institution, Mr. Sebahattin Kasap, stated that it is a very big honor for him that a Yamanlar school's candidate has won the gold medal at the Olympiads competition. He also added the total number of awards that have been won by the students of Yamanlar institution.

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