The Only Indian Boy in US Olympiads


US Olympiads

A boy from Bangalore, Rahul Rai has carved a benchmark at the Physics Olympiads. He is a student of class 12 from the ECS Magnolia Maruti Public School, Bannerghetta Road. He won a bronze medal in the semi-finals that were held in the month of May. He managed to come in the top 25 percent of this competition. The American Institute of Physics Teachers and American Institute of Physics conducted the US Physics Olympiads. Top 5 candidates have been selected in order to represent US in the international Physics Olympiad.

Rahul, one of the former students of the NPS Koramangala has now become a familiar face in the Olympiads competitions – Linguistics, Physics and Maths. He said to the press that now Olympiads have become an ultimate challenge. It is considered as one of those high- level exams that candidates of high school students could achieve. Olympiads are fun tests to crack, provided that you enjoy the subject. The all new set of tricky and innovative questions will set on your thinking cap.

In 3 hours Rahul Rai had to crack around 6 questions in the 2nd round of US Olympiad. The first 2 rounds were conducted online. Rahul said that in order to qualify in the rounds it is necessary to have an in-depth knowledge about the subjects. He stated that his IIT Joint Entrance Exam preparations have helped him a lot in bagging this rank. He also disclosed that he had read a number of books on different topics in order to excel in the competition.

According to him, Linguistic Olympiad is really enjoying and fun to learn. It does not require much preparation like any other subject. Rahul is a sport fan and presently the part of a team that is preparing for the Olympic competitions. According to Rahul when they first started with the competition, apart from fee test papers of previous years they did not have much to rely upon. Recently, they are on the way to make some materials that can help in future to guide others candidates taking part in Olympiads, including video lecturers.

Rahul belong to a wealthy family, son of an entrepreneur and doctor. Rahul said to the press that although he is preparing for IIT-JEE, but at the same time he is looking forward to education opportunities in the US. The courses offered by the US universities are much more flexible and candidates get a good number of options to choose from. The research opportunity is also quite good in US universities.

The competition was worth praising and cherishing for a 17 years old boy. He was the only boy from India who took part in this competition. He stands out as one of those candidates outside US.


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