Improvement of Performance Examination – Eligibility Criteria

Your CBSE class 10 results are giving you sleepless nights. With low percentages, you know you will face a lot of problems when you try for admissions to premier colleges, and ultimately, your placements. After all, the Class X examination determines a lot about your future. You’ve been studying really hard, and you were really sure of doing well in the CBSE board exam.  However, the poor result means that you want to give it another try.

A friend gets to know about your predicament, and suggests you try for an improvement of performance examination. Re-examination can be a tricky process, and it is essential to know the eligibility for Improvement of performance exam in class X.  The provisions of the examination are as follows:

  • You can appear for an improvement of performance examination after your CBSE class 10 exams in one or more subjects in the following year only, provided that you have not pursued higher studies in the mean time.  If you are re-attempting the entire examination, you appear with the regular school candidates.  If you are appearing for only a few subjects, you appear as a private student.

  • You can only appear for re-examination in theory subjects.  Practical marks are carried forward from the previous year.

Once you have given your improvement of performance examination, you will be given a Statement of Marks, which gives your old as well as new marks.  Remember, if you are appearing for an improvement of performance in one or more subjects, you are not allowed to appear for fresh subjects at the same time.

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