KVYP- The Selection Process and Tips and Tricks to Perform Well


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There are just few months left for KVYP 2017 exam, which is due on 5 November, 2017. As it is just around the corner, all of you must be really excited about the same. The Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana or KVYP is one among India’s most known scholarship programs. It is offered in basic sciences, and is initiated by Department of Science and Technology

The Selection Procedure of KVPY 2018

  • All the eligible candidates from all streams will first be appearing in KVPY 2018 Written Test.

  • All those who clear the written test will appear for an interview which will identify the final selected candidate and act as the final round of Selection Procedure for KVPY 2018.

The level of questions asked in KVPY can be compared to that of JEE Advanced. I am aasuming that many of you would be preparing for the JEE Main and JEE Advanced as well. So, it becomes an advantage for you as the pattern is more or less similar and thus there is nothing to worry about.

Many aspirants believe that if you are studying for JEE then KVYP becomes a tad easier for you. It is more or less based on your textbooks and preparatory material from coaching classes. And if you compare it will JEE, then it is much easier than that.

Tips for the Last Few Days before the Exam

  • In the last week, a lot of mock tests and practice papers. In this way, you will get a complete idea on the KVPY 2018 Paper Pattern and schedule your exam time distribution as well. You can Download Previous Year KVPY Papers and their Solutions from our website as well.

  • In the last week, do not touch upon any new topics.Just try to revise your class notes, key theories, important formulas and facts etc. More importantly, understand their applications. 

  • Keep on practising important questions from your question banks on topics you make mistakes frequently. It is very important to pay special importance to the topics you are weak in. This way you will avoid making common mistakes.

  • Be confident about your preparation. Do not worry too much about the exam. There are many students who are less prepared than you. But confidence is the key factor. You need to have a go getter attitude. It wins half the game!

  • Have proper sleep and take some breaks amidst preparation time. Lack of sleep and break at times makes you forget more, which ultimately renders al your efforts useless.

On the Exam Day

  • As we discussed earlier, have a good night’s sleep before the final exam date. Ensure you go to bed on time in night and complete 8 hours of sleep. There is no use of a revision which will make you feel drowsy and forgetful during the exam.

  • Be mindful of keeping all needful things handy. May be you can arrange them together at one place- Your stationary box, admit card, water bottle etc.

  • If you feel anxious/nervous, do what relaxes you. May be go for a stroll before the exam, talk to your best friend or a favourite uncle/relative, listen to your favourite music. Read a little out of your favourite comic book, watch a little TV or pray. It is good to divert your mind for a while.

  • Always reach the centre prior to the reporting time. Well say like 20 minutes earlier? Good, isn’t it? Always take some buffer time in hand to avoid delays which can be caused due to traffic on the way or something else.

  • Feel comfortable in the examination hall. Take some time to set your desk and chair properly. Arrange your water bottle and stationary on the table, in the way you like.

Writing the Exam

  • Fill all the details carefully and slowly to avoid any mistake. If you commit even a small mistake that can cause anxiety to you-which we have to avoid.

  • Do not spend too much time on a single question. Time is very important and running short of time during an examination where you know all answers feels very bad. So do all the questions you know first. Then probably you can come back to unattended questions later. Look out for easy questions while you have just started. This helps in boosting up the confidence. Then you can gradually move on to the rest

  • Do not look haywire at what others are doing. This never helps, but just makes one more panicky. And believe me, nobody else cares for what you are doing, it is a competitive world out there.

  • Revise, revise and revise the sheet before you submit.

  • Keep a moderate speed during the exam. Being in too much hurry can make you do mistakes which you oversee. If you are too fast you may even miss out on what the question actually demands, this may happen especially with tricky questions!

After the Exam

  • Well, the exam once done is done. There is no changing the answers. Do not feel bad if you haven’t done it properly. It is not the end of the world. Try to learn from your mistakesand work on them before the other exams!

All the best!


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