NCERT Solutions – Where and How

As you approach your board examinations, finding good study material as per the CBSE curriculum becomes critical. The central body which has been assigned the task of preparing study material according to the CBSE syllabus is the National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT). The council is responsible for giving advice to the government on various matters related to school education. It is also responsible for creation of NCERT study materials which help students to do well in their board examinations.These NCERT books are prescribed at all schools which follow the CBSE syllabus. Hence, all students of the CBSE board have access to the same NCERT solutions, and therefore are on a common platform. 

Some of the ways of getting the best out of NCERT study materials are:

  • Classroom study: Teachers are assigned the task of discussing the NCERT books and the problems given in them.  Attending lectures and taking notes diligently will help you do well in the CBSE board examinations.  Be sure to ask your doubts, so that your work becomes easier when you read through the NCERT study material yourself.

  • Coaching classes: A number of coaching classes offer excellent teachers and study material in addition to the NCERT study material.These classes are extremely helpful in clearing competitive examinations after your board examinations. However, it is only the diligent student who can benefit from such classes.The teacher can only make you understand as much as you want to.

  • Online resources: Most of the NCERT solutions and NCERT study material is available online. Additionally, there are a number of sites that offer supplementary material, which will help you understand the NCERT books better.

Finally, everything depends on your own hard work. NCERT study material is available to everyone, but it is the intelligent and diligent student who really benefits from it. So work hard, and happy studying!


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