Best Tips on How to Prepare for CBSE Board Exams 2021


2020 has been quite a year for all students. With schools and coaching institutes closing down,  students had no choice but to get themselves acquainted with the online learning environment. Now, it is time that students gear up for board exams 2021. If you are worried about how you will prepare the best for your board exams this year, given below are some exclusive tips. 


Best tips on how to prepare for CBSE board exams 2021


  1. Prepare a subject-wise study plan 

If you have not joined any CBSE online courses, it might become difficult for you to manage your time between every subject. A good way to ensure that is to create a subject-wise study plan. You can create a list of difficult topics that are to be covered first. Then, you can prepare 2-3 subjects every day. This way you can alternate between your subjects and make sure that you find time for all of them. 


Creating your study plan is one thing and following it regularly is a different story. 


Here are a few tips on how to make sure you follow the study plan without failing:

  • Find your learning style and follow it. For instance, some students prefer taking notes while learning. Some prefer reading textbooks while some prefer watching video lectures. 
  • Make sure you set realistic goals. For instance, you cannot study the whole chapter in a few hours. But you can study five topics. 
  • Make lists of small achievable goals. For example, reading chapter 1, solving exercise 1-3, making notes of chapter 1 etc.  
  1. Practice questions 

NCERT books are important for CBSE board exam preparations. NCERT textbooks along with NCERT Exemplar books contain a variety of practice questions including short-answer questions, long-answer questions and very-long answer questions. Solving these exercises will keep you acquainted with different types of questions that could be asked in CBSE exams. 


  1. Read NCERT chapters 

Before you check any CBSE online study material, you must read the NCERT books thoroughly. CBSE question papers are completely based on the topics given in NCERT books. Most of the questions are based on NCERT textbook exercises. Not only this, NCERT textbooks contain adequate explanations and easy to understand language that will enhance your conceptual knowledge. 


  1. Solve previous year papers

Feeling nervous about CBSE Board exams? Then make yourself familiar with the CBSE question paper, its marking scheme, number of questions, internal and external choices etc. by solving as many previous year papers as you can. This will reduce your exam fear and you will be much confident for your upcoming board exams. You will already have an idea what kind of questions will appear in the exam and hence you can prepare for them accordingly.  


  1. Revise in reverse order

You must create a study plan in such a way that you have sufficient time to revise all the subjects before the exam. The best way to begin your CBSE revisions is to start revising the subject whose exam is at the end. Keep revising subjects in reverse order based on their exam date. This way, one week before the exams, you will be able to revise the subject whose exam is first. 


  1. Stay focused 

CBSE Board exams are a major milestone in every student’s life. So it is obvious that you will be all panicked. But, it is time you need to stay calm and focused. Make sure you eat a healthy diet, do some physical exercise and sleep well. Think positively and trust that you will perform your best. No matter how many marks you will get. The main point is to study well and learn all the concepts. 


  1. Create a study environment 

Your environment matters a lot. Sometimes, a topic that can be memorised in just ten minutes takes more than an hour just because we are studying in a destructive environment. Here’s how you can create a productive study environment for you:

  • Find a quiet place for yourself. Make sure it is well-lit. 
  • Keep all your study material at that place so that you do not have to look for it every time you study. 
  • Keep your phone switched off while learning or at least turn off all the notifications. Because, every time that phone will make a sound, you would feel like checking it. 
  • Do not study on your bed, it will make you lethargic. 
  1. Seek support 

There could be times when you are unable to understand a concept properly. Sometimes, you might face difficulties in NCERT solutions while the other times you just need someone to guide you on how to write effective answers in CBSE Board exams. There is no shame in seeking support from expert teachers while you face these hurdles. 

Many students nowadays take CBSE study classes online at askIITians where our teachers guide them well on how to ace their board exams. Here’s how we can help you in preparing the best for your board exams:

  • We provide a complete CBSE exam guide that will help you prepare every subject step by step. 
  • Our teachers hold more than 10 years of CBSE teaching experience
  • We understand the CBSE exam pattern and marking scheme thoroughly and can help you prepare for board exams accordingly. 
  • We provide complete NCERT solutions for Science and Maths that will help you revise all the chapters quickly. 
  • You can participate in Live classes and doubt sessions

Wrapping up

Hope these 8 tips to prepare for CBSE Board exams 2021 would help you achieve your academic goals without any troubles. This is the time you need to gather up your self-confidence and study hard for the exams. Do not let your mind wander into worries of what all bad can happen in your CBSE exams. Just focus on your preparations. If you need help, contact askIITians and our team will guide you in every possible way. 


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