Some Easy and Practical Ways to Astonishingly Improve Your English Skills


Easy and Practical Ways

Learning English ad speaking in English is a mandate in today’s world. From interviews and meetings, it has now extended to informal talks as well. Many a people think that since they are grownups so it would be rather difficult to learn English. But it not so. Clear your mind off all the apprehension. English is the easiest thing to learn if put in a little practical efforts!

Here, I have a list of things you can do to improve your English skills and some handy tasks you can focus on while on your journey to master English language! So, let's get going!

1. Speak, Speak a little more, Speak a lot more!

Be self-confident and speak as often as possible, to as many people as you possibly can! Please do not be shy to make mistakes! As you keep practicing more and more, the better and more confident you will become in your pronunciation and vocabulary.

Task #1- From today, you will try to speak in English as much as you can.

2. Listen before you Speak

Ah! This is really tough. But to be a good speaker, you have to be a good listener. The more you listen to people conversing in English, more you would learn. Try to absorb the way people use sentences. Where they put emphasis on, how do they portray emotions in the language, etc. It will help a great deal!

Task #2- Keep your ears and mind open to learning.

3. Read Out Loud

Read the newspaper or a magazine out to yourself. May be in front of a mirror. Hearing yourself read will make you spot your mistakes in a better way.

Task #3- Subscribe to English news dailies and magazines.

4. Learn a New Word Everyday

As you would read more, you would come across new and cool words. Choose a word you would like to work on and practice it in different sentences. It is a good tool to impress people as well.

Task #4- Make a notebook and write some sentences using the new words. It is better to learn sentences than just words!

5. Use Google Translate

You are good in Hindi? Or any other language? Excellent! Now it is getting simpler! Just go to Google Translate and type in whatever you want to find out. Asking google is not embarrassing either! Also, it is very easy to use. You can also listen to the correct pronunciation by clicking on the audio button.

Task #5- You bower should have a tab of Google Translate open, always.

6. Watch Videos, Movies in English

Now this is enjoyable! Watch movies in English and pay attention to new vocabulary and pronunciation. You can also imitate the actors and learn in a fun way.

Task #6- In your free days, try to watch a movie before you sleep. If movies are too long, go for YouTube episode of “Friends” or other serials. Now till the time you get sleep, think over how the actors speak!

7. Make New Acquaintances who are well conversant in English

Make friends with English speaking people. Talk about a lot of things around and exchange ideas.

Task#7- Go and say Hi to everyone who you were embarrassed to speak with!

8. Do Interesting Activities in English

Take a cooking class in English or join a readers club! Do anything you enjoy doing, but make sure you do it and communicate it in English.

Task #8- Join the activity this coming weekend. The more you associate learning with fun, better becomes the experience!

9. Have Debates

Debate all the topics that interest you with friends in English, and use as much vocabulary as you can to get your point across.

Task #9- Prepare a topic beforehand, start from today. You need not tell your friends that you are prepared!

10. Use a Dictionary

This is a mandate to develop your love for English language. The dictionary has millions of words to choose from! So,look up different words and their synonyms online or offline, and alternate how and when you use them in sentences.

Task #10- Go and buy a pocket dictionary today!


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