Bhilai Students Top 12th Board Exams Again, Shocks The Nation


The education hub of Chattisgarh, Bhilai, was again in the news after the CBSE Class 12th Results 2014 were announced. The bright students of Bhilai, thus continued their dominance in CBSE class 12 examination, with R. Basuhi of Delhi Public School leading above everyone, scoring 98percentage, and three boys from the same school scoring 97 percentage.

On her impressive scoring, a bright Basuhi told in print media that she is extremely happy and has worked hard for securing this position. She just prepared what best she could and didn't follow any fixed study hours. Also, since February, she used to study the whole day. Aiming to do research in the future, R. Basuhi added that she has cleared IIT JEE mains and now she is waiting for the result of IIT JEE Advanced 2017. She is really hopeful of making it big.

Pulkit Goyal, Sandeep Mishra and C Vishwesh at 97 percentage, were the sharers of the second position. Rachna Battacharya, with a 96.8 percentage, secured third position. Also, Gitika Lakhotia scored 96.6 percent being the topper of the commerce group.

Several students in Raipur scored more than 90 percentage.The students from prominent schools of Raipur stood just a tad behind, with the highest score being at 96.4 percentage which was shared by Ranit Halder, and Anhita Tiwari from DPS Raipur, and Krishna Public School Raipur respectively.

Aimingfor a B.Com degree from Delhi University in future and an MBA, a Krishna Public school commerce student Sana Khan, scored 95.8 percentage in her CBSE Class 12th Results 2014. As per Sana, she has always taken her studies seriously, but still never went through the typical exam pressure like every other student around her felt. Her success mantra had always been to balance between her study timings and relaxation timings. Dr Seema Khan, Sana’s mother said that she had complete faith in my daughter. Not only now, but Sana had always been a bright student. Today she has made them immensely proud.According to Sana, listening to music and watching some television, is her idea of stress busters.

A science student of Krishna Public School Raipur, Poorva Bani, secured 95.8 percentage in her CBSE Class 12th Results 2014. Dreaming to become a doctor one day, Poorva desires to go for MBBS. Prashant Bani, her father, told the media that they are very happy with Poorva’s performance and she has made them very proud. Poorva is great artist, apart from being a brilliant student. She makes it a point to paint during her free time, thus maintaining it as a hobby to relax her. Poorva feels that it is not about the number of hours one puts into study, but the concentration with which one studies. More than everything else, she always felt thatto clear her concepts and concentrate on whatever she was doing, was more than everything else, at that point in time.

Rabish Jain wants to do engineering from an IIT. This science student from DPS Raipur, has scored 95.8 percentage in his CBSE Class 12th Results 2014. Rabish feels that it is very important to pay attention throughout the year, something which he has employed throughout his studies. Rabish added that he only revised what he had been taught in class. He, now desires to pursue his engineering from an IIT or an NIT. Anil Jain, Rabish’s father, said that they are very happy with his performance and have seen him work very hard for this. Rabish studied for almost 7 to 8 hours a day during his exams, and preferred listening to music to help himself relax. He paints his free time, and that is his way to relieve himself from stress, when he is not studying.

A 95.4 percentage holder in his CBSE Class 12th Results 2014, DPS Raipur student AyushmanDubey said that he mainly studied for not more than 3 hours, with his parents being a constant mode of support to him. An engineering aspirant, he aspires to do his engineering from an IIT and pursue his MBA after that. Not only a good student but Ayushman is a good tabla artist as well.

Vaibhav Chopra, another student of DPS Raipur, wants to do his civil services once he has finished his engineering. Scoring 95.2 percentage science in his CBSE Class 12th Results 2014, he has decided to proceed in the field of science itself. A confident Vaibhav says that his school and family have constantly encouraged him to do well, all through his schooling and major years.

Pratiyush Rathore, one more science stream student from DPS Raipur, scored an overall of 94.6 percentages in his CBSE Class 12th Results 2014. He is now aspiring to be an IPS officer. Pratuyush claims that he never attended coaching and only did self-study, which was enough for him, as his parents and teachers have always motivated him to do better and well. Having a deep passion for sketching, Pratiyush can be seen pursuing his interest when he is not into his books.

Another student named Apoorv Awasthi, who has scored 92.6 percentage in his CBSE Class 12th Results 2014, now looks forward to pursue his career in mechanical engineering. A man of few words, Apoorv has already begun working hard to achieve his goal.


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