Appraisal of Listening and Speaking Skills for Grade 10


Appraisal of Listening and Speaking Skills

From this year onward, the CBSE board, Central Board of Secondary Education has extended the assessment of speaking, listening skills (ASL) till class – 10 in order to enhance the competency of language in the candidates. Previous year it was introduced only for Grade 11 and 9 students. The CBSE board has decided to extend the ASL this year till another class, especially because of the reformatory approach. A circular has been uploaded on the official website of the board, where it is clearly acknowledged that candidates should be given more opportunities in order to practice for the oral-aural skills. Important and necessary guidelines and reference materials have been updated by the board already in order to conduct the ASL service in a much better and organized way.

In case of formative assessment, ASL simply accounts for 20 percent marks. ASL has been asked to be conducted by schools according to the guidelines given by the board. Rakesh Sachdeva, the local CBSE counsellor has attempt to make sure that candidates become highly proficient in the language before they pass out from the school. According to Sachdeva, Schools can hold this assessment for once in every year and record the evidences properly while conducting the assessment.


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