How to Boost your Brain Power and Logical Skills during IIT JEE Preparation? 


IIT JEE is one of the toughest entrance exams in our country. Yet lakhs of students appear in this exam every year. This exam not only tests your conceptual knowledge of subjects like Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics but also tests your problem solving analytical, logical and critical thinking skills. In all, you need to boost your brainpower to the maximum if you want to crack IIT JEE and score a higher rank. But how can one do that? 


Here are some tips on how students can boost their brainpower and logical skills during IIT JEE preparation? 


Best ways to improve your brainpower during IIT JEE preparation 


By brainpower, we mean training your mind to grasp more and more information for a longer time. Every student has a different brain grasping power. Some students might take ten minutes to understand a topic completely while others might take an hour to understand the same topic. With the following tips, you can work on enhancing your brainpower so that you can grasp the concepts quickly and prepare well for the JEE. 


  1. No lazy learning approach 

If you are someone who randomly selects topics to study and never makes a plan how you will complete your syllabus on time, you might not be contributing much to enhancing your memory. This is because your mind is busy deciding which topic to study every day, finding notes and related study materials. 


On the other hand, if you have mapped out a monthly or weekly plan stating which topics you will study on which days and have organised all your notes and study materials, your brain is automatically motivated to study every day. This is why many IIT JEE institutes provide study planners to the students. 


  1. Retrieve information

When you study a concept for the first time, do not expect yourself to remember it forever. It is okay to revise and repeat what you have learned to lock the concepts in your memory. So make it a habit to revise the topics that you have learned after regular intervals. 


Samar, who takes JEE coaching online from askIITians says, “as you begin revising a topic, first try to retrieve what all you remember about that topic. Some students might get scared thinking what if they are unable to remember anything out of that topic. But that’s a good thing. At least you know that you need to study that topic again with full concentration.”


  1. Take care of your health 

A healthy body helps in creating a healthy mind. If you are busy watching TV until midnight, getting up late and having no fixed schedule, you are spoiling your grasping power. In our IIT JEE classes, we often advocate students to follow these tips to keep their mind in a healthy state:

  • Sleep on time and sleep enough so that you wake up fresh in the morning.
  • Do not skip meals and eat a healthy diet that helps to boost your brainpower. For instance, including nuts, vegetables, milk, cereals, peanuts, egg yolks et cetera can boost your brain grasping power. 
  • Exercise regularly to strengthen your mind and body. No physical activity might make you lazier and you may lose all motivation to study. 
  1. Mindfulness

Many students might not be aware of this term but once you understand what is meant by mindfulness, you will be amazed by its benefits. Being mindful means being in the present. Do you always stay in the present moment? Just observe your mind for one day and you will get your answer. Instead of thinking about the past or future, think about the present moment and accept it as it is. Find some time to meditate. It will help you stay mindful, reduce your stress, anxiety and depression and will strengthen your mind. 


Best ways to improve your logical skills during IIT JEE preparation


Logical thinking means training your mind to think rationally so that you can understand a situation completely before coming to any conclusion. IIT JEE Main and Advanced exams test your logical reasoning skills at various stages by testing your observation skills, pattern recognition skills and spatial abilities. Here are some of the best tips from our IIT JEE coaching experts that will help you enhance your logical thinking: 


  1. Solve puzzles 

Solving puzzles, brainteasers, riddles or quizzes can immensely help in increasing your logical abilities. These activities require you to think critically, observe patterns and make rational decisions. This is why many online IIT JEE coaching institutes are now incorporating puzzles and quizzes in their curriculum so that they have trained students well for JEE. 


  1. Think out of the box 

What’s that? Thinking out of the box means generating new ideas or being creative. For instance, activities like painting, pottery, sketching, writing, dancing, playing a musical instrument et cetera are quite creative. You can also try concept mapping or mind-mapping, brainstorming or storyboarding to boost your thinking abilities and hence enhance your logic and reasoning. 


  1. Ask questions 

Do not dump your curiosities. Ask questions or look for answers on your own. This not only implies your education or IIT JEE syllabus but also to real-life scenarios, social issues and situations. If you are unable to understand something, search why. As you will find some answers, you will think critically and decide whether that answer is correct or whether you need to keep looking. 


  1. Practice 

One of the best ways to enhance your logical skills for JEE is to practice JEE Main and Advanced questions as much as possible. Understand the pattern of the exam and the different types of questions that are asked in it. Practice such questions every day. Get your doubts solved and enhance your logical skills. 


The bottom line 

Your JEE preparations are incomplete if you do not pay attention to empowering your memory and logical thinking skills. Staying organised, eating a healthy diet, engaging in creative activities and feeding your curiosities are some of the ways you can increase your brainpower and logical thinking. If you need to test your skills for JEE, connect with the askIITians team today. Our experts will help you out! 


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