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You prepare for months and years and then the days of the exams arrive. It is normal to feel anxious a day prior to the exams. Little anxiousness is good for you. It helps you stay focussed.


Get up early and Plan

On the day of the exams, get up early and plan the day. You do not want to rush on an important day such as this. Collect the pen, pencils and other tools that you may need. Put your I-cards and other documents in place in the bag you will be carrying to the hall. Check the venue and time of the exam again so that there is no confusion. Keep some change too.

Stay calm

Trust yourself and most importantly, trust the efforts and hard work that you have put in. Look at all the exercise books and preparatory notes. You have been studying and revising your notes and now that the day is here- you need to stay calm and do some breathing exercises if you can.

Eat a light breakfast

You should start by eating light and nutritious dinner the day before exams. On the day of the exams too, eat something nutritious and not too heavy. Carry a sandwich or a fruit or something in your bag to munch on if you feel hungry. Students who get headaches when hungry should definitely carry a snack with them.

Before leaving home check again

Before leaving for the examination hall, check your bag again. Ensure that you have everything you need. Most of all start early and ideally, you should know where your examination hall is before the examination day. Keep the right address and route with you. Also don’t forget to visit the toilet so that you are not disturbed during the exam.

Avoid Nervous people

Once you reach the examination centre, try to stay calm. Stay near the group of people who appear quiet and confident. Stay away from panicky people - make sure you stay calm. Drink a few sips of water if you want.

In the hall, breathe in and breathe out

Once you are in the examination hall, do a breathing exercise and try to relax. All you could have done to prepare for these exams has been done. Now you need to focus on answering the papers with utmost concentration. Practise sessions make the situation a lot easier so depend on your experience of those numerous practice sessions and start solving the paper. Do not forget – that question paper holds keys to a lot of your dreams. Experiencing empty headedness? Don’t worry. Once you see the paper, you will remember everything.

Read the question paper

Normally you are aware of the format of the question paper. Scan the question paper quickly to see if there is anything other than the format you have been practising for. If yes, plan when to attempt that question, if not go as per the plan you have in your head. Answer the questions you know first. Never waste time. Come back to the questions that need time later. Ask the examiner if you need any clarification.

These tips and your confidence are sure to help you through.

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