Students Performed Brilliantly in Science Olympiad


Science Olympiad

Recently, Science Olympiad Foundation organized the International Award ceremony and it really turned out to be a prestigious day for Thiruvananthapuram. Joe Bobby is a student belonging to Thiruvananthapuram had won the International Rank 3 in the 13th International Cyber Olympiad. Again, Azhaa A and Vivek S had also secured the State Rank 1 in the 16th National Science Olympiad. Azhaa is a student of Grade 4, Holy Angels’ ISE School and Vivek is a student of Grade 2, Loyola School.

Mahabir Singh is the founder as well as the Executive Director of the Science Olympiad stated that in this academic year, around 27000 schools have participated from 1360 cities, India. Around 24000 students have won the top state level ranks. More the 460,000 students won the “Medals of Excellence” for securing the high ranks in the respective schools. At the same time, they have also been provided with a participation certificate as well as a performance analysis report.

Bharath P S , a class 12 student from Arya Central School and Rajath R, Class XI student from Loyola have clinched the State Rank 2. Shyam Shankar, Class XI student, at Christ Nagar Higher Secondary School and Adithya Krishna Menon, class X student, Loyola School managed to secure the State Rank 3 National Science Olympiad.


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