Preparing For Your Class 10 CBSE and ICSE Board Examination

With the CBSE and CISCE board examinations around the corner, your preparation is of paramount importance.  To crack the boards, you need a combination of hard work and technique. The scoring pattern of most subjects varies, and you must also be familiar with the CBSE and ICSE books that you need to score well. Let us take a look at a few tips and techniques that will help you to prepare thoroughly.

  • Physics requires a clear understanding of underlying principles. It becomes really easy to understand physics, if you can relate the formulae to the environment around you.  A number of CBSE books and ICSE books for class 10 can help you out with the understanding of this aspect of the subject.  Be sure to go through the solved question papers of the previous few years.  Formulae must be on your fingertips.  Practice each derivation so thoroughly that you don’t hesitate when reproducing it on the paper.

  • Biology can be easily mastered if you are good with diagrams.  In the paper, draw a diagram and then get busy explaining it.  It would be an advantage if you can practice drawing the diagrams with pens of different colors, to make the diagrams clear.  Practice the terminology well, so that the definitions are crystal clear in your mind.

  • Chemistry becomes fairly simple if you have mastered formulae.  You could try writing formulae on small cards and keeping them with you in your pocket.  Whenever you get time during the day, you can pull out the cards and revise the formulae.  ICSE and CBSE books for class 10 often have readymade charts which you can refer to.

  • Geography requires practice of charts and maps.  Be sure to practice a variety of maps when studying the subject.  A lot of topics such as types of crops and soil can be memorized if your general knowledge is good.

  • History is basically memorization.  There are very few effective ways of learning history; you just have to cram.  Memorization techniques such as making funny word pictures are of help when learning by heart.

  • Mathematics tends to be a nightmare for most CBSE and ICSE students; it is, however only practice and more practice.  As you increase your practice, your concept grasp and speed increase tremendously, as does your confidence.  Make sure that you have done at least 100 problems on each formula before you proceed to the next topic.

Following these techniques will be a definite help to you in your board preparation. Remember – you must cut out all distractions such as friends, movies and unnecessary use of the Internet if you want to do well.  Best of luck and happy studying!


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