How to stay calm and confident before exams?


How to stay calm and confident before examsIt is normal to get anxious and stressed while preparing for your important exams. A little bit of adrenalin rush is good for you. It keeps you on your toes and you focus better; but anxiety that keeps you awake at night is however is not good for you. You need to be calm and well – rested, days before the exams.

  • Sleep Properly

You need to get proper sleep. Scientists have proved that people who take adequate sleep during the night remember things better. Your memory works better when you rest after learning and revising new things. Minimum 7-8 hours of rest is necessary for the mind and body to work well. A tired mind will not be able to learn and revise well.

  • Stay Hydrated

45% -75 % of your weight is that of water. Drinking sufficient amount of water, throughout the day is very important to function optimally. When you are hydrated you are able to focus better. Lack of water in your body causes fatigue, headaches and your hair and skin feels very dry. Fruits and vegetables are also good source of water. You should at least two servings of fruits daily. You can eat melons, grapes, papaya and other fruits. Buttermilk is a good for you too. It has added benefits as it is also a good probiotic drink. Avoid artificial juices and aerated drinks. Water is the best drink –it cannot be substituted by tea, coffee or juices- as your body needs it to function properly.

  • Eat Right

Eat light, eat right. You need to eat right just like athletes do before their competitions. Know what food works best for you. Include vegetables, fruits, sprouts, butter, curd and healthy grains in your diet. Beetroot provides a lot of stamina. Tomato soups are light and refreshing. Curd and raitas keep you cool. Eat light because heavy meals will make you drowsy and sap your attention.

  • Play, Exercise or take walks

Playing refreshes your mind as do walks. When you play or go for walks you provide extra oxygen and blood to your brain which is very good for it. It can function better. Include exercise in your daily routine. Yoga helps a lot. Sitting all day in a room dulls you. Play with pets, talk to your family members and walk. You can come back refreshed to your studies after these activities. Talking to your loved ones is a huge stress buster.

  • Listen to music

Listen to the songs you like. Keep them uplifting and encouraging. Make a playlist of the upbeat, confidence building songs beforehand and listen to them whenever you have time. Sounds of birds, waterfall, crickets and rain are particularly relaxing. Download them and listen to them while resting or studying. Lastly, remember that your body is a tool that is given to you to achieve success and reach your dreams. Take care of it. If you mess it up with negativity and poor diet, you will be the loser.


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