Hire Graduates to Help 250 Million Children Get an Education


Education is a factor that drives every parent across the world, from UAE, Sharjah and India to the US. Parents belonging to any culture, social background or religious beliefs are always worrying about the education of their children. They constantly ask themselves, “Are my children undergoing education that interests them and enhances their capabilities?” ‘Teach for All’ Founder-CEO Wendy Kopp unfortunately knows that for parents of more than 250 million children, these questions do not matter. For them the only constant is “How I can educate my children in school?”

In a lecture, one amongst many being organised for the auspicious occasion of Ramadan at UAE, Ms. Koop believes she has the answer. Ms. Koop stated that ‘lack of talent pool’ was the factor that needed to be addressed. During the lecture in the desert state, which was attended by Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi General Shaikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Majlis and other dignitaries of Abu Dhabi’s education and learning departments, she discussed the advantages of hiring fresh graduates in the education sector.

Ms. Koop stated that in her experience, fresh graduates introduced to education as a career generally continued as teachers or turned an idea into an education initiative. She hoped that many more graduates would head the path of becoming esteemed teachers and university professors. Ms. Koop was happy to inform the attendees that her education initiative ‘Teach For All’ had found global success and that many undergraduate and graduates were participating in her initiatives.

We can only wish Ms Koop more success and hope that her education initiative slowly and steadily brings down the statistical figure of 250 million uneducated children in the world to zero.  We hope that in the future parents have to only worry about the quality of their children’s education. 


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