CBSE Rules Out the Possibility of the Alleged Leak in Manipur as a National Threat


InvestigationFollowing the alleged leak of class 12th Physics question paper in Manipur, CBSE has now revealed to the Delhi High Court that the leak was restricted to only Manipur. CBSE has declared fresh examination in the zone already.

Directed by Chief Justice B. D. Ahmed, the bench is considering the submission of CBSE, which is conducting further inquiry into the matter. CBSE will take necessary action if it finds that the leak is not restricted to the zone only.

"The CBSE is a responsible organization. They investigated the case. The court cannot keep on monitoring such issues. Moreover, no student is before us," the bench said. 

“There were different sets of question papers for Delhi and offshore locations and hence the alleged leak of question paper in Manipur had local effect,” senior advocate N. K. Kaul, appearing for the CBSE, said.

Following this, the Delhi High Court dismissed the PIL filed by Rajiv Ranjan Dwivedi, a Delhi-based lawyer. In his plea, he had sought fresh exam of Physics in the entire country on the ground that the leaked question papers were posted on several websites. 

CBSE confirmed around 1600 people visited the website where the class 12th physics question papers were posted.

“CBSE is conducting the re-examination of Physics paper in Manipur only, which is wholly unconstitutional and violative of equality before Law," Dwivedi alleged.


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