Uncovering your Talent- How to Become an All-Rounder while Still in School


You Bring The TALENT

You must have seen friends and other students at school who seem to be doing well in everything, be it studies or extracurricular.  You have probably wished to be like them yourself; however, sometimes it does seem a little difficult.  It would probably be even more difficult for those of you who are to attempt the CBSE class 10 or the CBSE class 12 boards soon.

It is important for you to be an all-rounder from the point of view of your career, because a lot of colleges give weightage to extra-curricular as well as academics when considering you for admissions. Secondly, at a personal level, it does boost confidence tremendously when we do well in areas apart from academics. After all, nobody likes to be called just another bookworm!  Let's take a look at some ways to enhance your skills and personality to attain all-round development.

  • Work hard at studies: Remember, the single most important factor in your growth will always be your studies.  Being good at academics is the cake, and excellence in extra-curriculars is the icing.  Cake without icing is acceptable, but icing alone does not satisfy anyone!

  • Take up a hobby seriously: Carefully study where your interests lie. Remember – when you become perfect in one area, perfection in other areas becomes simpler, because perfection is a habit. Try to develop any one hobby to at least a semi-professional level. You could take up sports, music, painting, dance, debates or any other activity which interests you. Taking up something of your interest makes it easier to become good at it.

  • Learn time management: Anyone who has been successful in any field has learnt the value of time.  Those of you who have just attempted the CBSE 2014 examinations know how valuable every minute can be.  When you are trying to juggle various activities together, time management becomes critical.  Try to frame a timetable, but do not be too ambitious.  Set goals that are easy to achieve, else you will get discouraged soon and give up the effort.  It is a good idea to take the help of someone experienced when deciding your schedule for the day.  Remember – it may be necessary to draw up more than one time schedule during the day, if unforeseen circumstances send your schedules awry.

  • Be careful about your friends: The single, most important factor in making or breaking your future will be the kind of friends you socialize with.  Your friends should be such that they help you in your studies and overall development, rather than putting you into bad habits.  Remember – friends who take you away from your career goals are not really worthy of being called friends. 

These are time-tested methods that will definitely help you as you prepare for your ICSE, ISC or CBSE board examinations.  Additionally, they will help to bring out your hidden potential as you strive for success in every field.

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