Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (N.E.S.T)


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Nationwide Education and Scholarship Test (N.E.S.T.) is a co-operative and collaborative effort, intended by SEMCI India, a flag- bearer of the S.U. Foundation of India. It has been established to help out students, who have commitment and determination towards their studies, and who display signs of excellence in the same. The S. U. Foundation of India (called SUFI) is a self-funded, autonomous, and Non-Governmental Organisation. It is engaged in works of serious concern about socio-economic and educational welfare of individuals and groups, with the help and co-operation of some very dedicated, educated and very serious and sincere people of the nation. SUFI is the chief sponsor of N.E.S.T. 

NEST Junior Scholarships are awarded to the students of Class XI and XII, studying in science stream. A scholarship worth Rs.25,000 to Rs.50, 000 each,is awarded to bona fide students of all government recognised schools or colleges. There are at least 10 scholarships of Rs.25, 000 each to the top 20 scores and Rs.50, 000 to the 1st Rank holder (topper). Also, Certificates of Appreciation is also awarded to all high scoring candidates in the test with All India Ranking (called AIR).

N.E.S.T Junior 2017 Eligibility

All bona fide students from Science Stream of Class XI and XII from all government recognised schools or colleges are eligible for this test.


N.E.S.T Junior 2017 Test Details

The scholarships are awarded based on merit in an online test of 200 marks. The test duration is of two hours. The test comprises of four sections of 50 questions each and there is 1 mark for each question. The sections comprise of Chemistry-Physics, Biology or Maths, English Language, and General Knowledge – Simple Logic. The syllabus is generally based on the content and level of SSC & HSC books prescribed by ICSE, CBSE and other State boards in India.

Grading of Marks

Grade A+

90% to 100%

180 to 200 Marks

Grade A

80% to 90%

160 to 179 Marks

Grade B+

70% to 80%

140 to 159 Marks

Grade B

60% to 70%

120 to 139 Marks

Grade A

50% to 60%

100 to 119 Marks

Grade A

40% to 50%

80 to 99 Marks

Certificate of Appreciation: Certificates of appreciation shall be awarded to all candidates who score above 40% aggregate of all the four sections in the test.

N.E.S.T. Junior 2017 Application Procedure

The application form for NEST scholarships can be downloaded from the website: Download and fill up the application form correctly and completely and paste your latest photographs on it. Then send the filled application form by registered post-courier with a requisite amount of DD in the favour of SEMCI INDIA payable at Mumbai.

Please Note-

  • There is no need for any verification, attestation,or recommendation

  • Do not attach any other documents except DD with the application form.

  • NEST applicants can also form a group of two or more students and draw a single DD of the cumulative amount and send all the applications together in a single courier to save their money

  • Anyone who tops the list in a category cannot apply again in the same category

  • It is the prerogative of the college to charge Rs.25 per candidate as processing fee for collection and dispatch of application to NEST office if application are send through school or college

N.E.S.T. Junior Scholarship Contact Details


B1 Piccadilly Flats

57 J Clare Road

Byculla Mumbai: 400008

Phone- 022 6529 2506, 6529 2507

Fax- 022 2782 2583

Mobile- 08976 08 4445



Upto 50% Scholarship on Live Classes

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