Now Mass Media becomes the Favourite Stream for Class 12 Pass-Outs

Mass Media becomes the Favourite Stream for Class 12 Pass-Outs

For the class 12 pass-outs, this year apart from the popular stream of B.Com. BSc-IT, BSc and BMS courses have also become quite preferable. Usually, the BCom stream has been found one of the most popular courses for the applicants enrolling in institutions affiliated to the Mumbai University. This year, more than 96,000 candidates have applied for the course of BMS and 83,000 for pure science. Again, for BSc-IT, more than 71,000 have applied. Among ISC and CBSE students, BMM and BCom (accounts and finance) are the preferable choices over BSc-IT. The sudden increasing demand may be linked with the better placement opportunities and similarities with the syllabus of various other professional courses.

Usually, self-financed courses like BMS have been widely preferred by candidates, BAF and B.Sc-IT are also picking up pace since the last few years. According to the principals, B.Sc-IT when introduced a few years back was quite popular among students. But with the passing time, the demand of this course has slackened. According to the principal, Manju Nichani of K C College, the demand of this course is increasing again. Candidates passing the BSc-IT course are generally chosen by reputed IT firms during the placements. Nichani stated that unlike MBA, this course will have a practical value always. He also added that more than 60 percent students passing BSc-IT are employed by the process of campus placement. 

According to the words of Mr. Vijay Joshi, the principal of K J Somaiya College, Computer Science and BSc-IT are chosen by candidates who wish to pursue engineering but fail to get admission in good institutions. Although the university has around 16,000 seats in various affiliated colleges that are offering the course of BSc-IT, but this year only 71,622 candidates have applied for this course, and that too at the end of the 3rd admission round.

In the field of commerce, courses like BBI, BAF and BFM are getting widely popular among candidates. the university's dean of commerce, Madhu Nair told the press that candidates find it quite convenient to undergo the CA and BAF course together because BAF helps in learnsing the core of accounting. Candidates passing out with high cut-off marks in BAF are preferred more over BCom graduates.  They always hold an edge as compared to BCom graduates because with this course students become expertise in both the field work and project.

In Mumbai around 57,112 students apply for 8,000 seats available for BAF. Mr. Joshi also added that in popular courses the number of applications is quite high, especially for the morning session.  But ISC and CBSE students are not attracted towards BSc-IT. They prefer mass media to a large extent


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