Taiwan Dominates 2014 Math and Biology Olympiads

Taiwan once more dominated the show at the 25th International Biology Olympiad and 55th International Mathematical Olympiad. The Taiwan team won four golds at the Biology Olympiad and four golds and two bronze medals at the Maths Olympiad. The Biology Olympiad was held in Bali, Indonesia, and the Maths Olympiad was held in Cape Town, South Africa.

Out of the 65 nations participating in the IBO Olympiad, Taiwan has wond for the first time since 2001. The team headed by National Sun Yat-sen University professor David Chao won in all the categories in which they entered. The Ministry of Education stated that this was the fourth time that Taiwan swept the IBO. Taiwan has been participating in these Biology Olympiads since 1999, and has won 3 bronze, 18 silver and 43 gold medals so far.

Taiwan also came third among 127 countries pariticipating in the IMO. Wu Po-sheng of Taipei Municipal Jianguo High School ranked world No. 1 in the IMO. Taiwan was represented by a six-member team.  The Ministry of Education stated that Taiwan has won 20 bronze, 77 silver and 33 gold medals, along with seven honourable mentions in these Maths Olympiads since it began participating in 1992.

The 2015 IMO wil be held in Bangkok, Thailand, and the IBO in Aarhus, Denmark

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