How to Prepare Yourself for 11th Grade?


How to Prepare Yourself for 11th Grade

Students usually take a back step from studies once they are through with Class 10th. After all of the pressure of the much hyped board exams of class 10th and on the way to the 12th boards, 11th grade may seem like a welcome change for you. But the difficulty level of class 11th will dawn upon you sooner or later. 11th is very different in terms of the course content as compared to what you have studied till 10th. Difficulty level is higher if you have chosen the science stream as now it is no more general science. 11th grade will teach you concepts of fundamental physics, chemistry, biology, maths etc. And one moment lost could lead to weak basics for the future.

Roughly, 11th grade can be considered the advanced class of the 9th standard. You will study in depth about the concepts which you have studied in 9th, and much more. Similarly, 12th is advanced class of 10th. Like, in 9th, the part of the physics that you studied in science is mechanics. So you will study about it throughout your 11th standard. In 12th you will study about electricity and magnetism which you studied in 10th. Thus brush up your knowledge before your begin your classes. Also, in 11th you would need to shift your emphasis of study from theories to their application. This would facilitate in your understanding of the topic better as you could relate it to the physical world.

Chemistry is entirely new in 11th grade, so is maths except some parts, and Biology is very detailed. Maths is extremely important in 11th and 12th. Some of the topics that you need to understand the most are differentiation, integration, geometry and matrices and differential equations. Since you will be preparing for JEE, if you are an aspiring engineer, then you can’t neglect maths. It is utmost important as you would need its knowledge for better understanding of physics and chemistry as well. You will study about direct application of these maths topics in other two subjects.
So, how to go about preparing yourself for the 11th grade?


Follow the steps below to prepare yourself for 11th grade-

  • From the beginning itself, be highly focused and motivated.

  • Never miss going to school, it is most important.

  • Always revise after you come from school and make daily studying a habit.

  • Make a study time table and once you realize your strong and weak areas, divide the time accordingly among the subjects. Stick to this study schedule strictly.

  • Ask a lot of questions and always clear your doubts timely.

  • Generate interest in the subjects by actively participating in the classes. Remember they are going to stick with you forever.

  • As suggested earlier, never neglect mathematics, and always keep practicing it for betterment. It is the most scoring subject and can be a fun subject too if you study well.

Analyse where you stand at regular intervals and take help of the teachers or peer group if you lag somewhere.


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