NCERT Solutions- Where to Find Them ?

National Council of Educational Research and Training (NCERT) was established in the year 1961 by the Govt. of India. The key objective of NCERT is to help and advise the state and central govt. on different type of academic matters, primarily related to school education. One of the prime aims of the NCERT is to publish school textbooks for class 1 to class 12 which are used by all schools, government or public, affiliated to the CBSE.

Since all the schools following the CBSE curriculum follow the same NCERT books, the same study material is being provided and taught to the students. To keep ahead of the soaring competition day by day, one must have the best NCERT Solutions and study materials. The best NCERT Solutions not only help the students to get an edge over others but also help score good marks in the examinations.

Sources to obtain NCERT Solutions:

There are various places from where good NCERT Solutions can be attained. Students must bear in mind is to ensure that the NCERT Solutions they are getting are accurate and according to their syllabus. A few sources from where a student can obtain NCERT Solutions are discussed below:

  • Class Lectures: Students can easily access NCERT Solutions by attending class lectures. The exact syllabus is followed in the class and all a student has to do is to take down the notes. However, if a student misses a lecture on a particular day or falls ill for a couple of days, then he / she will have to collect the notes and solutions from friends and other classmates. While class lectures can provide the students with good NCERT study materials, these cannot be obtained as per the convenience of students.

  • Coaching Classes: Coaching Classes are another option to obtain quality NCERT Solutions. These days coaching classes are available for all the standards and hence NCERT Solutions for different standards are also easily available. However, the flipside of coaching classes is that they have many students and hence it cannot change its pace of teaching according to the convenience of a single student.

  • Online Resources: These days everything is available over the internet and so are NCERT Solutions. Credibility of the websites is the only thing the students have to be careful about. There are a few good websites that exactly follow the CBSE syllabus. With the help of online solutions, students can easily avail all the NCERT Solutions from the comfort of their home whenever they need it.


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