7 Ways to Improve your Confidence with Online NCERT Solutions


Feeling nervous before the CBSE final exams is common. But that does not mean that we cannot do anything about it. There are many ways by which a student can enhance his/her confidence for the CBSE exams. Today we will talk about how NCERT Solutions can help boost your confidence and help you overcome all the nervousness. 


NCERT books are the key to scoring good marks in CBSE 


The Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE recommends NCERT textbooks for all subjects, especially from Classes IX to XII. However, not many students pay much attention to NCERT books and try solving questions from advanced-level books. For instance, students often refer to Mathematics books by RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal. Science reference books by Lakhmir Singh and Manjeet Kaur are also quite popular amongst students. 


Studying different reference books is good. But, until you are solving NCERT textbook questions, you are not fully ready for your exams.


How can NCERT Solutions improve your confidence for exams? 


#1. CBSE question papers are based on NCERT books 

If you take a look at the previous year papers of CBSE, you will find that most of the questions are either directly taken from the NCERT books or are based on NCERT exercises. This means if you have solved NCERT questions, you can rest assured that you will be able to answer most of the questions in the examination. 


#2. NCERT Solutions enhance your basic knowledge 

Since NCERT books are designed to improve the conceptual knowledge of the students, solving NCERT questions will help them strengthen their concepts even better. Once you read an NCERT chapter and then prepare the NCERT Solutions, you will never forget the concepts that you have read. This is why most CBSE online coaching experts always ask their students to solve NCERT textbooks. 


#3. You will learn how to answer questions in the exam 

Shikha, a Class 10 student who has opted for CBSE online learning at askIITians shared her experience with us. She told us that she could never decide how much to write in the examination. But when she started solving NCERT questions with our experts, she learned how to approach a question and what points to include in the answer based on the marking scheme. Now she feels much confident in answering questions in the exams. 


#4. NCERT problems uncover difficult topics 

NCERT exercises include questions from all the topics of the chapter so that students can understand them well. Solving NCERT exercises will help you identify which topics are difficult for you since you will find it tough to answer the questions based on them. If you are facing any problems in finding NCERT Solutions, you can opt for CBSE online courses and seek help from expert faculty from your home. 


#5. NCERT Solutions are great for revision 

Thinking about revising the whole chapter from the textbook before the exams? It could be a lot overwhelming! Instead, you can use your NCERT Solutions and your notes and quickly revise the chapters before the exams. This is what our topper students did before appearing for their full online test for Class 10 CBSE Science. They were able to revise all the chapters just a few hours before the test. 


#6. NCERT books cover the CBSE syllabus

The NCERT books are completely based on the CBSE curriculum. So if you are preparing NCERT Solutions, you are covering all the topics that are to be studied for the examination. Akash, one of our students who took online tuition for Class 11 from askIITians shared the same thoughts with us. He told us that if you are solving NCERT books, you do not require any additional book to prepare for CBSE exams. Earlier, he referred various guides during his Class 10 board exams and ended up studying topics that were not even relevant for exams. 


#7 NCERT Solutions can help prepare for competitive exams 

Solving NCERT exercises of Maths and Science could be of great help if you are preparing for competitive tests. Whether it be JEE, NEET, BITSAT or any other national level olympiad, NCERT Solutions for Maths and Science will clarify all your fundamentals. This way you can easily prepare advanced-level topics quickly and ace the competitive tests. 


NCERT Solutions are important, but there could be challenges! 


Many students find it tough to solve the NCERT textbook questions on their own because: 

  • They missed a class and have not understood the chapter well 
  • Some topics of the chapter are quite confusing for them 
  • They hesitate to ask their teachers to repeat a topic in class 
  • They fail to describe the answer in their own words 
  • They have no time to solve every NCERT exercise question  

Do you face any of these challenges too? No matter what your reason is, askIITians has now made it easier for every student to access NCERT Solutions. Our expert faculty has prepared NCERT Solutions for Maths and Science for students of Classes 9 to 12. You can download these solutions from our website and refer to them whenever you want. These NCERT solutions are based on the latest CBSE curriculum and exam pattern. With these solutions, you can: 

  • Learn how to write answers in the exam 
  • Understand difficult NCERT topics 
  • Revise all NCERT chapters quickly 
  • Cover the entire CBSE syllabus 
  • Refresh your NCERT fundamentals and much more! 

So wait no more! Try solving NCERT questions from today and if you face any problem, refer to our NCERT Solutions and solve your doubts instantly. 



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