4 Day Orientation Programme by Gujarat Science City


A 4 day orientation course has been started on Friday by the Gujarat Science City. This orientation programme is launched for students who are interested in Olympiads. The initial 3 days will be conducted for candidates of Class XI and XII, eligible to participate for Olympiads in physics, chemistry, mathematics & biology. On Friday, around 150 candidates from Grade XII and XI have applied for this programme. On the 4th day, i.e. July 28th, around 200 students of Grade X and IX have applied for the orientation programme. This one day programme can educate students a lot about the Olympiads competitions. These candidates are eligible to take part in the Junior Science Olympiad that is generally conducted in two specific subjects – earth science and science. 

According to the officials of the Science City, 15th September is the last nomination date for Olympiads. The Olympiads conducted on science usually increase cooperation among students of higher secondary and secondary. At the same time it also encourages contacts among students worldwide. In order to excel in this competition it is necessary to have keen interest in this subject accompanied by critical analysis, inventiveness, creativity and perseverance.

The senior scientist, Mr. Narottam Sahoo, Science City, stated that their main aim is to prepare 5000 candidates for the initial rounds of Olympiads. He said to the press that previous year 2 of their students have managed to reach the finals and represent India at the international level. He also said that they desire to increase the number of students this year representing India. At the same time they also wish to spread awareness among the students regarding the various opportunities. Preparation schedules as well as expert guidance are provided to candidates enrolled for this 1 day orientation program.

Each year around 40,000 to 50,000 candidates from all across the world enrolled in various Olympiads subjects related to Science. Again, 4,000 students took part from the state last year for the preliminary. On 23rd November this year, the 1st stage of Olympiads will be conducted and 250 candidates from each category of subjects will be promoted to the 2nd round, scheduled on January 2015. On June 2015, the national finals will be conducted.


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