CBSE Students to Move Gujarat HC

Students of the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) have decided to approach the Gujrat High Court against what they feel is an arbitrary decision by the Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC). The ACPC has decided to give 60% weightage to the Board results and 40% weightage to the JEE Mains result. The marking system and difficulty level of various boards across the country varies, leading to discrepancies in calculation of cutoffs and qualifications. There has already been a lot of protest in this regard by students of the CBSE board, as they feel that the marking scheme for CBSE is very different from other boards.This puts CBSE students at a disadvantage, because the system being used by the ACPC gives a student scoring a rank of approximately 1,100 at almost 1,600. The discrepancy arises because of the extra weightage being given to the Board examination results.

According to the ACPC list, a little above 62,000 students had qualified. After the first mock round, 9,338 seats were vacant.  More than 34 lakh choices were given by 59,000 students.  The highest preference was for Mechanical Engineering, followed by Civil, Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Parents have been vociferous about their protest and are firm about approaching the High Court to get a stay. They claim that if the calculations given by the Gujrat High Court last month had been followed, the confusion would not have arisen. Parents have demanded that the list should be scrapped immediately, on the grounds that it is unjust and also against the order of the High Court.

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