Exam Checklist for JEE Advanced


Knowing & preparing what you're going to bring can make a lot of difference in your exam. Taking the exam when you know you're running out of pencils, or that your scale is uneven or you have forgotten the eraser, unnecessarily piles onto the alreadystressful environment. Thus it is wise to make a checklist and pile up things neatly in a corner before you go on for the examination.

An evening before the JEE Advanced examination, just take a look at the below checklist so that you don’t miss out anything-

  • JEE Advanced Admit card: You surely do not want to forget this!At times students have to go back from the way to the hall.  Though there may be enough time to fetch it, but why invite unnecessary trouble and panic? So JEE Advanced  Admit card needs to be the first thing on you checklist.

  • Class 12th hall ticket: This is the second most important thing. You have to show it to the examiner and then only you can begin your exam.

  • Use a comfortable pen: Want to take your lucky pen to the exam? But remember to do a writing practice with that to ensure that it gives you a comfortable writing experience as well. Plus, try not to use brand new pens for your exams, as they may be rough on the paper initially.

  • Take extra pens: What if your pen suddenly stops working whilst you are still writing the JEE Advanced Exam? Scary isn’t it? So keep extra pens with you. And keep the same kind of pens because it is easier adapting the same feel of the pen to maintain a smooth flow of writing. Again, make sure that these extra pens have been used by you and are smooth to write.

  • Sharpened pencils: Get a whole pack from your local stationery store and sharpen the whole lot if possible before the exam. This way, have would not have to fiddle with sharpeners if you don't want to.

  • Other Stationary: Please carry all the required stationary like scales, erasers, a sharpener etc. so that you don’t have to borrow from others during the exam.

  • Wrist Watch: Time is the most important element in any competitive exam. Especially when it is one of the toughest like JEE Advanced Exam. Wear a wrist watch and keep a tab on your pace. Be moderately paced for your brain to work properly. Do not be too fast or too slow.

  • Water: Carrying a water bottle is a good thing to do. Though they may serve you water there, but why to wait for it? Asking for water may intervene your thought process. So it is better to carry yours.

  • Some nutritional cereal bars: If you feel low while writing amidst JEE Advanced Exam, grab on to a quick munchie. It will just not de-stress you, but you will feel active too.

Apart from these, you can also take some ear plugs with you! Although the test centres are usually serene, but all days are not the same and occasionally there can be random noisy events happening.


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