"Cancer Survivor Cracks IIT"



Pankaj Yadav has become an inspiration for many IIT aspirants since his incredulous story of both faith and courage is out. The 18 year old has very recently cleared IIT entrance exam despite losing one eye 13 years ago after a long bout with cancer.

Pankaj Yadav not only defied all myths, but also set new examples for all young and old IIT aspirants and for those who’ve fought a battle like his with cancer. The National Society for Childhood Cancer and Cankids will support his family meet his education costs, which is around Rs 4 Lakhs spanning over 4 years of the course.

Nobody, including Pankaj Yadav himself, had ever imagined that he would ever find such a pioneering success in academics. His father serves as a constable in CRPF. His mother, a housewife, recalled his son’s ordeal as a life-destroying experience and also praised him for his timeless courage. Pankaj’s 14 year old sister, Mamta, also wishes to achieve something as great as her brother in life.

Pankaj was recently honored by Cankids in New Delhi for making it to IIT.


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