The IITian tag is just 22 days away!


All right! So the JEE Main scores are finally out. And those of you who have been successful have got a valid reason to celebrate! After all competing with lakhs of students and getting a rank in top 150000 is not an easy task! But, at the same time do not forget your ultimate goal i.e. JEE Advanced. Scheduled for May 25, 2014, JEE Advanced is the ultimate gateway to the prestigious IITs. Thus cracking this exam would finally entitle you to an entry in the elite IITs.

Since you have already emerged as a winner in JEE Main by beating lakhs of contenders, you obviously have immense caliber. But that does not mean that cracking JEE Advanced would be a cakewalk! Confidence is important to perform to the best of your capabilities but over confidence can just finish everything! So it is important to remain focused. Your entire future life depends on the remaining 22 days. The productivity of these days can either fetch you the IITian tag or can shatter your dream of becoming an IITian forever! On these final days depends your future.

These days are extremely crucial as these are the deciding days. If your parents have always wanted you to become an IITian, they have seen you with the IIT tag in their dreams then these are the days which will decide whether you’ll be able to fulfill their expectations or not! On top of everything, the main disturbing factor is that you have already qualified JEE Main beating lakhs of peers and now if you don’t cross JEE Advanced, all you can see is a dark future. Hence, the crux of the matter is that you cannot dare to waste a single second of these 22 days as your future is at stake!

Fine that you cannot waste a single second as every second counts but how? What is the best possible strategy to ace JEE Advanced with ease? The fact is that you have already crossed such a big hurdle and so you are capable enough to cross this one too. Everybody has got his/her own strategy of preparation and there is no thumb rule for the best strategy but we have listed below some of the tips which might prove helpful in your preparation:

  • Firstly, you need to understand the difference between JEE Main and Advanced. The syllabus of JEE Advanced is lesser than JEE Main. Since the syllabus is same so you just need to leave some of the topics that do not form a part of JEE Advanced syllabus and revise the rest.

  • Revise all the topics with special emphasis on the important ones.

  • This is the time to revisit your revision notes or flash cards as 22 days are not sufficient to go through the entire material again.

  • Any kind of discussion related to revision or exam with peers must be avoided. Such conversations create tension and induce anxiety.

  • Besides revising certain portion of syllabus, you must also solve at least one previous year paper of JEE Advanced on daily basis. This will help you to figure out your weak areas so that you can improve further.

  • It is extremely important to have a very good speed in order to remain competitive in JEE Advanced. Try to adopt shortcuts and tricks for solving questions.   

  • Fretting over what all you couldn’t cover will only have a negative impact on your performance. Accept the fact that you are trying your level best and whatever happens will be for your good.

  • It is important to practice some meditation as it helps in reducing stress. Plan some morning or evening walks, spend time with family and watch television. Recreation is equally important as it helps in keeping you infused with positive energy and improves concentration.

The gist is that you have to work like a mad guy in these 22 days. You need to have a burning desire to make through it!

All the best!! 


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