Enroll in the dual degree program and save one year

Enroll in the dual degree program

Among the youngsters, nowadays educational degrees seem to play an important role. Most of the students now prefer to hit two birds with a single stone. The world is now growing at a fast pace and having an educational degree has become important to get prestigious jobs.

Dual degree has become a common term today, but still there are many people who are not aware about it. This is a degree program where individuals need to study only a single course, but he can enjoy the awards for two degrees. It means a student can get both the Bachelor degree as well as the Master degree with a single program. The best part is that it requires less time than what it usually takes for completing the Bachelor and Master degrees separately. For instance, if you opt for B.Tech and M.Tech separately, then it will require around 6 years for completing the course. But, with the dual degree program one can easily complete it within 5 years.

The concept of dual degree has been influenced by the education system preferred in foreign countries. This is introduced recently by the Indian Institute of Technology in order to ensure that students become more research savvy.

There are numerous advantages of opting for this degree program. It not only enables candidates to save a year, but the expenses are also less. Moreover, there is a huge chance of getting involved in research work and students can even get scope of doing collaborative projects under the foreign universities. At the same time, one can also apply for the PhD directly after the course completion.

Taking a dual degree program is not so easy and it is a challenge to devote enough time and meet the requirements of the academics in both the degree programs in a short frame of time. There are some premier Indian institutes where this course is offered. The Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT) offers the 5 year BTech-MTech dual degree course in different engineering branches like Electrical Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, Chemical and Biochemical engineering etc.

Taking admission to the dual degree program is almost like enrolling in the undergraduate BTech course. It depends on the AIR (All India Rank) obtained by the candidates in the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE). BITS Pilani, Hyderabad and Goa offer this dual degree course wherein candidates can complete both the BE and M.Sc. degrees in 5 years’ time period. NIT Rourkela and IIIT Hyderabad are also some of the engineering branches offering this course. Check out the websites to know about the best dual degree programs.


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