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IIT Hyderabad and Ropar acknowledged as the top notch institutes in terms of research quality


IIT Hyderabad and Ropar acknowledged as the top notch institutes in terms of research quality

The relatively novel institutes established in Hyderabad and Ropar, in Punjab have been proclaimed to be the most superlative institutes in terms of their research quality amidst the IITs across the country.

As suggested by the facts upto September 2013, while IIT Ropar leads the new IIT pack with an average citation per paper (ACPP) of 2.55, but  IIT Mandi and IIT Jodhpur have been professed to be the most inferior with h-indices of two and three respectively. The facts regarding the IITs with number of citations are listed below:

  • IIT Hyderabad 535 times

  • IIT Ropar 362 times

  • Gandhinagar 105

  • Patna 97

  • Indore 87

  • Bhubaneswar 85

  • Jodhpur 41

  • IIT Mandi 19 times

The statistics also propound that the new IITs are way better than the old ones in terms of faculty strength. IIT Hyderabad has just 1 percent free teaching positions as against IIT Bhubaneshwar with no regular teacher in contrary to the permitted strength of 90 teachers. The figures for others stand at:

  • 26 per cent IIT Patna

  • 46 per cent Indore  

  • 57 per cent for Ropar

Prof R K Raina, professor in charge of Ropar IIT gives the credit of the success of the institute to the director who is an IISC Bangalore passout. The cutting edge infrastructure has also helped in smoothening and facilitating the research activities. Ever since its inception, the association has always eyed on building an outstanding research infrastructure. Few yet extremely proficient and capable teachers are responsible for IIT Hyderabad’s success.



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