Avoid JEE Misconceptions and Focus on Your Goal



Generally, engineering students always dream of getting into IITs. But most of them back off at the end moment because of the various myths related to IITs. These myths have come up because of external influence and peer pressure. It is true that candidates need to burn the midnight oil in order to crack the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced exams. Thus, they are already under pressure, and when they hear about the misconceptions, it ultimately blocks their mind. They fail to hear their conscience and act in a judicious manner. Instead, they prefer listening to others and hence, easily get carried away by the misconceptions. In fact, some students even prefer to give up in the mid way.

  • JEE exams: Too hard to pass

There are many aspirants who give up in the mid way because they think that JEE preparation is too hard and not their cup of tea. They began to feel dizzy with the thought of clearing the exam and ultimately they give up. Many students think that scholarship students and rankers can only pass this exam. But do you know it is completely a myth? Anyone who prefers to work by understanding the concepts without mugging up can easily pass JEE. An average student can also pass JEE, provided that he prefers to understand the concepts.

  • No revision is required for JEE exams

There are some individuals who think that cracking JEE is a child’s play and there is no need to take any headache about it; simply going through the CBSE syllabi properly is enough. But it is not actually true. Continuous practice and revision are important to crack the JEE exams.

  • Offline coaching is necessary

It is completely a myth that JEE aspirants need to join offline coaching class in order to pass the exams. If you wish to pass the exam with a good score, then all you need is to study smartly. You can go for using the IIT JEE study material that are provided online as well as check out the online IIT JEE Test Series and Video Lectures that are prepared for JEE aspirants. As per the studies it has been found that around more than 45 percent students easily crack JEE without attending any offline tuition classes.

  •  A few hours of study is enough

In order to crack JEE it is very important that you spend at least 6 hours in studies. You need to read the chapters and understand the concepts thoroughly. Always keep in that there is a tough competition prevails in this educational sector because almost every second candidate wished to join the prestigious IITs. So, if you want to become an IITian, then it is necessary that you study properly and withstand the tough competition.

  • Mandatory to join top coaching classes

Many students spend thousands of rupees in order to enrol in one of the top coaching classes. They think that it will help them to crack IIT JEE easily. But in reality this is nothing more than a simple misconception. A JEE aspirant cannot get 100 percent success unless he work seriously. One should give his best and prepare well to pass these tough competitive exams.

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