Last Minute Tips for JEE Advanced: Be Prepared for the Last Day!


Now that you are eligible to appear for JEE Advanced, you have already won half of the race. You are within Top 20 percentile of your board exams and you have made your way to the list of Top 1.5 lakh students in JEE Main Merit Lists, chosen from about 14 lakh students who appeared for JEE Main.

Still IIT JEE exam has never been too easy. Competition reigns supreme in the exam. Ex-IITians never forget their days of IIT JEE preparation. So, here are a few JEE Advanced preparation tips for the last minute that can help you maximize your scores now.

JEE Advanced 2018 is on May 20. You have less than three weeks in hand. Hence, askIITians experts are offering tips on how to prepare for JEE Advanced:

Do not bother with new topics now!

With only about 15 days left, it is not the time to start new topics. If you have not touched few topics yet, it is better to leave them altogether. Concentrate on topics you have already prepared well.

If you have still not studied one of the important topics of the exam , you may want to subscribe to one-on-one classes with askIITians experts for some quick recap.

Gleam through your revision notes and formulae sheets

In your askIITians study material, you will find revision notes, short notes and formulae sheets that will all come handy now. If you have not subscribed to our study material, look through your coaching notes and class notes to revise all formulae and important points of the exam well.

Also look at the difficult problems once again. See how you have solved them, the concepts you have employed and the short-cuts you have used (if any).

Solve last three years’ IIT JEE question papers

At askIITians, you will find several past year papers for IIT JEE and JEE Advanced , along with detailed solutions of the question papers.

Pay special attention to question papers of last three years.

After you solve the papers, compare your answers to the solutions suggested by ex-IITians. It will help you get some important insights into how you can arrive at the correct answer quickly.

Check out askIITians Sample Papers for JEE Advanced 2018

Set your biological clock according to the time of the exam

You may have been studying late at night and getting up late in the morning for the last two years. You might be attempting your model test papers early in the morning, when you feel fresh. But now, with only about 15-20 days left for the exam, it is advisable that you set your biological clock in a manner to be at your best during the exam time.

You will write two papers in one day. We suggest you to study and take previous year question papers during the hours in which you will ultimately appear for the exam.

Relax, go for a walk and do meditation!

JEE Advanced preparation is your first step to your career goals and it is important to learn time management and work-life balance now.

Take out time to go for a walk, do some exercise, listen to soothing music and do meditation. It will help you focus better when you study and help you trim down your stress-levels too. After all, you will be able to solve questions quickly only when your mind is sharp and alert.

So, be happy and study well. All the best for your exams!


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