"5 Key Strategies That an IIT Aspirant Must Stick To"

5 Key Strategies That an IIT Aspirant Must Stick To

Despite a strenuous determination to claim a seat in IIT, many aspirants simply fail to perform up to their own expectations. Experts and successful IITians blame inaccurate strategies contrived by the students for their constant failures in JEE.

They also believe that at a certain point of time family pressure on students to outperform other aspirants crosses its limits, which eventually wreaks havoc on their preparations.

Hence, aspiring IIT students must contrive strategies that help them improve their aptitude and at the same time offers ample amount of time to relax in-between. Some of the effective tips to perform well in JEE have been discussed below:

Attempt At Least 60-80 Questions Every Day

Although students must attempt at least 60-80 questions every day, they shouldn’t try to overdo it by trying to set or achieve unrealistic goals. For example, if your capacity is to do 80 questions a day, then don’t try 200 questions unnecessarily. It will leave you exhausted and hardly capable of anything next day.

Students must plan their days in advance.

Attempt Questions in Stipulated Time

Besides skill and aptitude, one requires speed to successfully attempt all the questions in JEE. Even if students are highly skilled, they won’t get past half their question paper without a good speed. In fact, the reason behind underrated performances amongst students despite high expectations is their lack of speed.

Hence, all aspiring IIT students must practice questions in stipulated time. It will surely help them meet their goals.

Try to Solve Last 10 Years Question Papers

Solving last 10 years question papers is an ideal way to achieve success in JEE. IIT aspirants must solve last 10 years question paper each day along with 60-80 questions that they have to do every day.

While solving the question papers, the aspirants must observe the pattern in the question papers.

Try Using Short-Cuts but Be Logical in Approach

The aspirants can find and even create short-cuts to answer a question in JEE until the approach it logically. So the students must not ignore their logical approach while trying to answer a question. They must approach a tough subject more logically and spend more time practicing it.

Stay Updated

The students are required to stay updated with all news and happenings in JEE. For example, students included in the top 20 percentile of their boards can only qualify for JEE.


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