Top Final Tips for JEE-Advanced 2014 Examination


JEE-Advanced examination is just around the corner and the candidates are already feeling the heat. Last few days of any important examination are very crucial. Unnecessary stress and nervousness can lead to complete mess. Hence, students must take steps carefully to ensure success in the examination.

Keeping the importance of last few days before the examination, we have brought all our JEE-Advanced 2014 candidates final tips for a quality preparation. Let’s check them all out:

Final Tips—Before Examination

Tip 1

Go through flash cards you had prepared while preparing for the examination. Taking up anything new (New Topic) may prove suicidal. So just stick to going through key short notes or flash cards. They are really useful and can help you recall important information.

Tip 2

As the old saying goes, “you are what you eat.” So just ensure that you eat healthy before the crucial day of your life. Don’t skip your breakfast. It is the most important meal of your day. Supplement your breakfast with iron rich food. Avoid spicy and oily food as they take time to get digested by your body and, thus, cause lethargy.

Tip 3

It is better to get acquainted with your examination center a few days before or preferably a day before the big day. It simply saves you from the last day mess.

Final Tips—During the Examination

Tip 1


There are a few smarts tips and tricks to solve problems in each section during the JEE-Advanced examination. While solving the Physics section, you can carefully check units of four options and answer correctly. In fact, you can even analyze options to check the correct answer. In Mechanics, use free body diagrams to answer. In electricity and magnetism, it is important to know principles and conditions of application based questions.


In Chemistry, the most important topic to cover is organic chemistry. You must prepare function group relationship, hybridization with exception in the s,p,d,f block elements. Prepare numerical in chemistry, applications of mole concepts     


In Mathematics, you can differentiate between your options for answers to integration related problems. You can try equations to solve problems related to coordinate geometry. You can’t afford to miss L’Hospital rule for limits, which is very important.

Tip 2

Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Attempt easy questions first and then solve difficult questions later. This will save you a lot of time at the end to attempt other difficult questions.

Tip 3

Take care of questions with negative marking. Not all questions come with negative marking so make sure that you attempt all questions without negative marking.

Tip 4

You must not lose hope and get depressed even if you think that you have not fared well in the Paper 1. Have faith in you, and attempt the Paper 2 after the break. You might score well in this.

Tip 5 : Boost your confidence during the break and relax.

Tip 6 : Manage your time well by doing easy questions first and then difficult questions.


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