What's a quick way to clear IIT-JEE?

If IIT JEE is on your mind, it is never too early to start planning and preparing. This is the race to the best engineering college and India and the entrance exam is one of the toughest in the world. Sounds scary, right? Well, not much if you take some smart moves. Of course the key to success is hard work and dedication, but if you are experiencing a time crunch and want to adapt a quick or smart way out, try following the tips below:

  • Devote individual time for all subjects: Always remember that your result is going to be based on all the 3 subjects and not on your weakest subject alone. So, plan your day as such that you dedicate your available time among all the subjects. Make a proper schedule, topic wise and chapter wise. While you may be experiencing problems with a single subject, do not devote your entire time in it. As soon as your allotted time for one subject finishes, take up the next with a fresh mind. Take a little break in between. And finally at the end of the day, or as per the planning, raise your doubts in the classroom, coaching class or take them up with a friend. It is a common tendency to ignore a subject if you find yourself strong in that. Never commit that mistake. Remember that revisions and re-revisions never harm anyone.

  • Make pointers and summaries: As you go on preparing for the JEE, keep scribbling the formulae, important points, summaries and pointers. Do these as you progress from chapter to chapter. Make a note of all the important points you think would help you through the examination. Now read this when you are closer to the examination, you will definitely find this very useful. This way you will not only brush up all the important things in your course, but you will also feel confident that you have covered all these topics thoroughly beforehand.

  • Whatever you prepare, prepare meticulously: You might be standing at a point where there is not much time left for you to cover the entire syllabus. Don’t panic; instead take up the topics which you know cover the maximum weightage in the examination. And while you are preparing never give any heed to bad and distracting thoughts like “what if this time nothing comes from this section?” or “what if a lot of questions will come from the portions I have left?” The IIT entrance always follows a set structure and you should not keep any doubts regarding it. Also, at the time of revision, rather than trying to touch up on new topics, it would be better that you revise the ones you have already prepared. The mantra is to be thorough in whatever you have prepared.

  • Solve practice papers: Practice papers not only tell you about the portions which are covered during the entrance exam, but they also tell you a lot about the kind of questions that may come. Easiest of questions can be asked in way that it looks really scary and impossible to solve. You do not want to regret later, right? So try attempting practice papers along with your preparations. Do not leave them for the end as there won’t be much time left to clear your doubts and get acquainted with the style of questions being asked.

  • Sleep well, eat well: Though everyone keeps saying this, students hardly abide by it. It is really essential to have a sound sleep during your preparation days and also a night before your examination. This helps in making you relax and you to remember what all you have studied. Also, eating the right food also matters a lot. Eating fresh fruits and green vegetables will make you feel light, whereas junk and oily food will make you feel lethargic and sleepy all the time.

  • Don’t underestimate the power of yourtext books: If you don’t have much time to prepare from books other than your school books, leave the thought behind. Your text books have much more than expect. Go through each and every word as stated and do spend a lot of time solving problems and doing written practice. Remember that the reference books are an extension of your main course books and the magic lies in the basics, which you can definitely grab from your text books.

All these tips will help you a lot if you follow them religiously. But above all what you need is a go getter attitude and a motivated self. You can cover a portion in 10 hours if you prepare dedicatedly, and the same may take you 10 days if you are not focussed. So have faith in yourself and go ahead confidently. Remember that thinking smart makes all the difference!


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