India’s Top 10 institutes for higher learning – Times Higher Education India Reputation Rankings


Higher Education India Reputation Rankings

The Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore has occupied the first position in the list of top 10 Indian institutions for higher education. This ranking list is based generally on the global academic prestige. Specialist institutes again occupy the top five positions in the Times Higher Education India Reputation Rankings, which is published this year for the 1st time along with the full Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings.

IISc, which was founded in the year 1909 and was conceived by the well-known Indian industrialist N. Tata occupies the 1st position. Below it, there is the Indian Institute of Technology Bombay in the second position and All India Institute of Medical Sciences in the third position. The Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur has taken the fourth place in the chart, followed by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi in the fifth place. In the sixth position there lies the University of Delhi, which is known for being the first fully fledged educational institution in the Top 10 list.
The Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings also list the Top 100 educational institutions on the basis of the academic prestige. The latest edition is published on the basis of the results of the surveys conducted. In this survey more than 16,600 experienced academics were asked to name the best universities known for both research and teaching.

The economy is expanding rapidly in the “Bric” countries like India, Russia, Brazil and China. But India is one such nation that lacks in representing even a single institution in the Top 100 list. Phil Baty is the rankings editor of the Times Higher Education and he said that it is a great cause for concern that India being a rapid growing economy as well as having a fine scholarship tradition does not have any universities that appears in the Top global World Reputation Rankings.

It is revealed by the Times Higher Education that if the World Reputation Rankings were to list more than the Top 100s, then the top ranked Indian institution IISc, Bangalore would appear at the 130th position. In fact, IIT Bombay would sit at the 192nd position. But the other Indian educational institutions would fall outside the Top 200.

But from this it can be clearly understood that the performance of the country needs to be benchmarked with the use of the recognized global performance indicators. The inaugural India Reputation Ranking not only just give the concept of institution order in India, but also the idea regarding how much the universities need to travel in order to join the top 100s. According to Mr. Baty it is quite encouraging to see that in the aspects of global academic reputation India has few highly regarded universities, which have not yet fallen far behind the best ones.

Among the Top 100 list, India Institute of Technology Madras, followed by India Institute of Technology Kharagpur lies at the 7th and 8th position respectively. Aligarh Muslim University stands at the 9th position in the global chart. Lastly, there is the University of Hyderabad which occupies the 10th place on the chart.


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