Are campus exams at IITs less intellectually challenging than IIT-JEE?


IIT-JEE, the Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Examination is one of the toughest entrance exams in the world. Once the students clear the IIT-JEE they are admitted into their chosen IITs. They then settle down for their degree education in campus and there are times they find the campus exams less challenging than the IIT-JEE.

IIT-JEE exams are basically to find out the best brains from the lot so that they are then given the best of the opportunities. The entrance exam paper is designed by the best brains too who set up challenging questions of different kinds to assess the potential of the candidates. Students prepare for years together to take the exams and test their brain competing with the best. IIT-JEE question papers are considered to be the gold standards for students and other enthusiasts who like to pitch in and engage in intellectual battles.

Once in the campus, the syllabus and course is defined. But, the purpose of setting the question paper is different. It is time to learn new concepts and absorb new information. The style of setting the paper therefore is different which the students may find a little less - challenging. Moreover it is said that once the brain is stretched and is used to gruelling schedules it stays stretched and craves for similar or more difficult challenges. The hyperactive years of gruelling training sessions for IIT-JEE along with State Boards exams preparation keep the students in a very productive state intellectually. After the IIT-JEE , the slowing down of activities, a sort of  and lull, the lack of thrilling chase that some students feel in campus can be understood when seen in perspective together with their previous hyperactive years. 

The stress in campus is on imparting the best technical and engineering education possible. New concepts are taught in different ways. The purpose of on campus exams is to check the retention of that new information. Theoretical assessment is not the only judging criteria. There are practicals, projects and tasks that need new skills - that are graded and the evaluation is then taken into consideration when totalling the marks along with the marks in the theoretical answer papers.

Moreover IITs are always in the spotlight of the nation. In this age of over communication, everything that happens on campus is known to the world. Brilliant students from all over India join IITs with a lot of dreams. Some of those dreams belong to the families they come from. However, there are the odd lot of students ones who may not be able to adjust to the rigors, and that is also one of the factors examiners setting the question papers keep in mind. Most importantly, the professors know anyone who clears IIT-JEE is a winner and that they have the best lot. All they need is to teach, guide and nurture the potential of these seeds and they all turn into giant oaks sooner than later.



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