What Should You Choose IIT or BITS Pilani?

According to various official studies, IITs top all engineering surveys in India every year. Considering its impeccable success rate, the government of India decided to establish more IIT institutes in different parts of the country.

As a result in 2008, 8 more institutes were introduced. These are:

  • IIT Bhuvaneshwar

  • IIT Gandinagar

  • IIT Hyderabad

  • IIT Indore

  • IIT Rajasthan

  • IIT Mandi (HP)

  • IIT Patna

  • IIT Ropar

The main purpose of the government of India by introducing these new IITs is to fulfill engineering dreams of every student of the country. But with it also arise a number of questions. Was establish 8 more IITs necessary? Will it really serve the purpose of the government of India? 

What Should You Choose IIT or BITS PilaniLately, BITS Pilani has also been featuring on the list of India’s 10 best engineering institutes. And despite being a private engineering institute, BITS Pilani has always given a tough competition to the reputation of IITs across the country. Hence, students are often found wondering whether to join IITs or BITS Pilani. This is why it becomes even more important for students to find out their best options between BITS Pilani and IITs.

Let’s take go through an unbiased comparison of both institutes with facts to find out what exactly is the best option for the students. There’s no denying that IIT-Bombay and IIT-Delhi are two best institutes of engineering in India but that cannot be said exactly about 8 new IITs established by the government of India.

In fact, to go by the words of Dy. Director of IIT-Indore, establishing 8 more IITs in India was a truly disappointing idea considering funding for even existing IITs had always been a difficult task. Apart from this, he also believes that IITs have always faced shortage of efficient faculty.

Although BITS Pilani is a private institute, it has earned its reputation as the top-notch private engineering institute in India. It also outperforms various IITs in terms of their performances. BITS Pilani not only offers high end education to its students, but also helps students become capable of grabbing jobs with good salary packages.

With all these revelations, it is quite evident that BITS Pilani is far better an option than new IITs. On the other hand, students in IITs have now started criticizing IITs for lack of efficient faculties.

BITS Pilani boasts efficient faculty, international infrastructure, and an awesome placement record.

The official report from HRD ministry recently revealed that the new IITs don’t match up to the level of IITs brilliance.

So with the above discussion, it is absolutely clear as to which institution one must choose. If you are also wondering whether to join IITs or BITS Pilani then you have the answer.



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