"An IIT-Mumbai Student Launches the Biggest Real Estate Website"

Sometimes all it takes is an unkind experience to get inspired and set an example, as in case of Advitiya Sharma, an aeronautical engineering student from IIT-Mumbai, who gives all credit to his harrowing experience for his success.
During final semester at IIT-Mumbai, Advitiya Sharma had to step out to rent an accommodation when he and his friends were not allowed to continue to stay in their hostels. He remembers it as the beginning of an inspiration that led him to create, a map based real estate portal, in the year 2012.
Renting an accommodation became an ordeal of 3 long moths that they all feel was only due to lack of authentic data and information in real estate. They soon discovered a huge business opportunity in it.
Touted as a revolutionary real estate portal, not only offers authentic information with quality pictures of residential properties, but also gives opportunity to individuals to search for accommodations that suit their budgets. The users can either discuss their requirements with brokers or directly with the house owners.
Advitiya Sharma is likely to foray into more new business ventures this year or, probably, next. He believes that the potential in India is huge for real estate than actually perceived.



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