IIT JEE Preparation Tips: Should Dropouts Go for Online Coaching?


Every engineering aspirant dreams of landing at the IITs. They spend two years – in Class 11th and 12th, four years starting in Class 9th and Class 10th, and even six years of their lives starting right after Class 6th in IIT JEE preparation.

A general perception is that a brilliant student should be able crack IIT JEE easily. Sadly, this is not true. Many students who score above 90% in Class 10th are not able to crack JEE because they miss out on other important points such as time management, proper guidance and confidence.

In this article we will discuss some key IIT JEE preparation tips for dropouts:

Is IIT JEE online Coaching for you?

Many dropouts have already tried home preparation. Those who opt for offline coaching classes have either not been regular due to the distance between the IIT JEE coaching institute and their homes or find it difficult to keep up with the school homework, coaching assignments and JEE preparation in general.

IIT JEE online coaching is good for such students as it allows them the flexibility to attend classes whenever and wherever they are. Many sites even allow students to access recorded IIT JEE video lectures as many times as they like. These lectures come in quite handy if you do miss a class now-and-then despite your best efforts. Hence, even if you are under pressure of fulfilling duties at home, you do not have to sacrifice the continuity of your coaching classes.

Moreover, IIT JEE online test series allows you to practice and evaluate JEE questions in the way you will be taking your exam. Interactive studies and availability of study resources 24/7 will make it easy for you to keep up with your studies.

Master Time Management

Regular studies and following a time-table designed to optimize the time available to you is the key to crack IIT JEE exams. Online advisors can help you fine-tune your study plan for free. Some websites also allow instant answers to your queries. You just have to ask.

Revision and Sample Papers are your best friends!

Importance of revision, practice papers and solving past year question papers and sample papers can never be emphasized enough. In the evenings, revise all that you have studied throughout the day and take at least one test every day. Analyze the test and get your doubts cleared.

Three months before the exam, solve 2-3 sample papers or past year IIT JEE question papers every day.


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