Cracking JEE Advanced MCQs – 5 Tricks

Your scores in the JEE Advanced are entirely based on your ability to crack multiple choice questions (MCQs) well. Although there is no substitute for knowledge and hard work, a couple of tricks will help you solve these questions faster.

Read the Marking Scheme Carefully

Marking SchemeThe IIT JEE Test normally has a number of questions such as 'match the following' which do not carry negative marking.  Since these are no-risk questions, you must make it a point to attempt them.

Learn Easy Topics by Heart

Easy TopicsThis will save you time during the examination, since you will be able to circle the correct answer without thinking twice. Topics such as nuclei, radiation, atoms cover around 25 marks, and so should be attempted accurately to increase your scores.

Avoid Marking Highest and Lowest Values

 Avoid Marking Highest and Lowest ValuesAs a rule of thumb, more than 50% of the highest and lowest values in the JEE MCQs are found to be wrong.  You can use this simple principle to bias your choice of answers

Narrow down your choices

Narrow down your choicesDecide on two incorrect answers.  For the remaining two, it will make it easier to eliminate one of the two if it is a highest or lowest value.

Definitely attempt Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate GeometryA lot of candidates neglect this section, but you should definitely attempt it.  The descriptions given in the questions can help you draw an approximate diagram, and increase the chances of your getting a correct answer.

These five tips have been devised by experts in cracking the IIT JEE, and should definitely be helpful in increasing your scores in the JEE Advanced.

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