According to the latest study by the institutes, city aspirants hailing from affluent backgrounds with access to quality training programs topped the joint entrance examination for IITs in 2012.

The success rate for qualified aspirants from urban areas was recorded at 5.8 percent, 4.2 percent for candidates from towns, and 2.7 percent for aspirants from villages. Apparently in other analysis, IIT success rate for aspirants who took admission was 3.99 percent for city students, 2.31 for students from towns, and only 1.27 percent for students from villages.

If only general category of students from cities is taken into consideration, then over 61 percent students were allowed admissions, 27 percent in towns, and 12 percent admissions were allowed in villages. According to the internal report by the IITs, “city aspirants performed exceptionally well against 51 percent of registrations they could receive 61 percent of total admission offers.”

The study further reveals that the students falling under highest income slab of Rs 4.5 lakhs or over have highest ratio at 10.3 percent. Students falling under middle income group between Rs 1 lakh to Rs 4.5 lakh have success ratio of 4.8 percent. And families earning less than Rs 1 lakh annually recorded the worst success rate at meager 2.6 percent.

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