How significant are the NCERTs for the preparation of JEE Advanced?


JEE advanced is one of the most sought after and challenging engineering entrances of the world. Those eyeing a seat in illustrious IITs take this elite exam. An exclusive gateway to the top-notch institute, IIT JEE Advanced tests analytical, logical and reasoning skills of candidates. Hence, it is crucial for the aspirants to adopt an appropriate strategy in the right direction in order to ace the exam with ease.

The biggest dilemma a student faces is regarding the study material. Due to the availability of so many books, students often get confused in making the right choice. NCERTs are indispensable for the preparation of any entrance exam. It would not be an exaggeration if we call it the BIBLE for students preparing for various entrance exams. Consulting NCERTs is a must as they help in laying sound foundations and acquiring conceptual clarity. Some of the facets which make NCERTs extremely important are listed below:

  • Reliable and accurate: Students often underestimate NCERTs and believe that they are not very useful. As a matter of fact, NCERT textbooks are the most genuine and accurate books. They are prepared after extensive research by experts. They cover almost the entire syllabus of JEE advanced and the information is presented in the most precise form. The facts and figures are not deceptive like some of the reference books.  
  • Based on prescribed guidelines: There are no books except the NCERTs that are completely in alignment with the prescribed syllabus. These books focus only on the topics included in the syllabus and hence leave no scope for confusion. Reference books often contain several other topics which do not form a part of the curriculum.

  • Sound and clear basics: An engineering aspirant must begin his JEE Advanced preparation with NCERT textbooks. They cover all the topics with best possible explanations. They take a practical approach to explain theory and concepts and have adequate depth of coverage. These books help in laying good foundations so that a student is capable of attempting different kind of questions.

  • Simple and easy to comprehend: NCERT books explain all the topics in simple easy to understand language. The text is supported by diagrams wherever necessary. Concepts are explained in detail in easy to understand language. These books are prepared by experts and are suitable for mediocre students as well.  

  • All-inclusive books: Being a perfect blend of theory and practical, NCERTs clearly define concepts and theories and include a lot of exercises and practical activities to reinforce them. Solutions to some of these exercises are also provided. Thus after going through the theory, students can test their knowledge by attempting the practical questions.

  • Direct questions in exams: It has often been witnessed in the past few years that the examiners have been picking some direct questions from the NCERTs. This clearly shows that NCERTs are extremely important. Even if you don’t get any direct question in JEE Advanced, you are sure to get some indirect questions from these books.   

  • Typical questions: All NCERT books contain standard questions. Although they are fewer in number as compared to other books, they are designed effectively to cover the syllabus of the exam. The level of questions varies from moderate to difficult. It is a misconception that these books don’t contain difficult questions.  

NCERTs are extremely important and necessary for the preparation of JEE advanced but they cannot be considered to be sufficient. JEE aspirants are advised to cover the entire syllabus from NCERTs first and then they may switch to other books. Those who cover the NCERTs and then move on to other advanced books are sure to excel in JEE Advanced. The level of JEE Advanced paper is not limited to NCERTs and hence it is important to practice numerical form various reference books as well. But if you try to climb the second step directly i.e. ignore NCERTs and refer other books you might fall!

Buckle up yourself and climb the ladder of success with the NCERTs!    


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