"Demystifying the 4 myths of the JEE"


Despite millions of Indian aspirants dreaming big every year, the number of applications received for JEE is

comparatively low. Surprisingly, many aspirants give up the idea of securing a seat in IIT midway amid unmerited

speculations and myths.
Let’s have a look at those 4 most common myths that often stop students from appearing for Joint Entrance Exam:

JEE is a Tough Nut to Crack

It is bound to be tough on all aspirants because the test aims to select only the best students, who can survive the test of time and fulfill all the requirements expected in an IITian. It is not impossible though.

It may appear difficult at first but if an aspirant is prepared then there’s no stopping for him or her.

Aspirants are required to plan everything out. They should also utilize their time to the fullest to score well in the JEE. Remember, anyone can overcome difficulties by sheer hard work.

Studying late at night for the JEE is helpful

Studying late at night might have worked for many IIT aspirants in the past, but it doesn’t guarantee that you will also find success indulging in this very common practice.

Studying late at night is fine only when it does not affect your health. Taking adequate amount of sleep and rest are two equally important factors that aspirants must not avoid at any cost while preparing for any competitive examination.

Coaching Ensures Success

It is a common belief especially among parents that if their kids are enrolled into some coaching centers then their success is guaranteed. This, however, is obviously untrue. Coaching classes can never substitute hard work. Even if you are enrolled into coaching classes, you will still require an effective time management and time utilization. It will be your hard work and dedication at the end that will count.

Success in IIT is the ultimate success

Engineering aspirants take IIT for granted.  They begin to believe the success in IIT is the ultimate success. They think only IIT can offer them the lucrative job opportunities in future.

This is not true. There are other options for all aspirants as well where they can prosper.


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