It’s Still Not Late for JEE 2015 Preparations!


So you have not yet started preparing for JEE. Are you afraid that it is too late to start the preparations now? Well, worry no more. We have got you some ideas and step by step guide on how to excel in the exam with just the remaining preparation months in hand!

Start Today

Start TodayIt’s never too late to embark on a journey. Maybe you have been thinking to start preparing for JEE 2015 and now you want to put that to practice. But once you make up your mind, there is no time wasting in putting your thoughts into action. Devise a stout and crisp plan. Make a time table. Adhere to it. And do not look back.

The Basics Have it All

Back to basicsBasics. We hear so much about strong basics. What ae these? These are the concepts, which are more or less simpler on which all the complex problems are based. Many students try to surpass these building blocks and get on to the major problems. But that doesn’t help. So first things first. Understand the basics behind the concepts, theorems, formulae, rules etc. and see yourself that the complex things become so simple than ever.

Count Your Resources

Count Your ResourcesSo what all do you have in hand? Your textbooks - Check. Your Coaching Class Notes - Check. Your Classroom Notes – Check.  Assistance from Coaching – Check. Assistance from Class Teachers – Check. Assistance  from Peer Group – Check. All the other Help Books, Mock Tests, Sample Papers – Check. Well, here you have too many helps available you see? You just need to know about when to use what!

Practice Mock tests and Sample Papers

Mock Exams

Mock Tests, Question Banks and Sample Papers are very tricky business. If you ask the students who have succeeded in JEE they will vouch for the utility of these, but on the other hand if you ask those who couldn’t clear, they would ask you to forget about these and pay attention to your notes more. But the fact is, these are very important. But above that you should know how to use them properly. You have to channelize them into your daily routine because your preparation won’t let you have leisure time for them later.

Believe in Yourself

Believe in YourselfLast but not the least; you must have the go-getter attitude. It is difficult no-doubt, but there are so many who conquer it year-on-year! Many who had to spend double the time and effort as compared to what you need to devote! Many much less-smarter than you! So, while do not see this as a cake-walk, but do carry an air of confidence that it is not impossible. All you need to do is- focus and do not look back.

All the Best!


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