Donations and Assistance from SBI Enable the Brother to Join IITs


Brother to Join IITs

Two brilliant brothers are now finally on the path of achieving their dream of joining IIT. Their father is a vendor selling tea in Jalhandhar, Punjab. When the media highlights their story, several volunteers came forward to extend the helping hand. An amount of 3 lakhs has been generated, which will help them to pursue their career in engineering.

Sumit has easily secured a berth in the IIT-Madras, pursuing the course of chemical engineering. On the other hand, Amit, his elder brother opts for studying coal mining in the Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad. He secured 809th rank whereas Amit secured 2,014th rank in the IIT Joint Entrance Examination. Last year they did not able to join IIT because their father failed to gather enough money required for paying the fees. But this time, both of them able to manage around 20,000 Rs each, which served as the initial deposit to book the seats.

The State Bank of India has provided them with the loan clearance letter and it can be obtained by both of them when the need of money arises. SBI also open free accounts under their name and provides the initial deposits of 5,100 for each of them. Amit and Sumit confessed that they are very much thrilled and excited to move on the path that they have dreamt about. They would join their respective colleges from the upcoming month.


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